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Zappos this week unveiled a retail concept it’s calling “The_ONES,” highlighting classic sneakers, with a dedicated website landing page at and pop-ups in the New York City area, according to a company press release. The pop-up locations include one designed by footwear guru Tarek Hassan at the Arlo Hotel in Manhattan, and another at the Brooklyn boutique Bird Brooklyn.

Zappos goes up against Adidas and Nike with sneaker shops

The online hub features interviews with sneaker icons like Stan Smith, original videos and illustrations, as well as features on artists, musicians, and makers who “live their lives in these shoes,” according to the release. The campaign also includes a shoppable Instagram, the company said.

For more than a decade, thanks to superb customer service and smooth logistics (including free shipping both ways), Zappos has helped acclimate American consumers to the especially tricky process of buying shoes online.

“Zappos single-handedly built consumer trust in online shoe sales and was so successful that Amazon spent $1.2 billion to buy the company in 2009,” Nathan Rigby, a partner at One Click Retail who leads sales and marketing, noted in a report emailed to Retail Dive.

That has allowed Zappos to avoid heavy discounting in an era where consumers are focused on deals, especially online. With the new campaign, Zappos is ramping up curation to help customers navigate its wide assortment. The concept will not be relegated to classic sneaker curation, but will also serve as a launching pad for future collaborations and exclusives, the company said.

“The launch of The_ONES marks the beginning of a new era of sneakerhead,” Jeff Espersen, Zappos’ VP of merchandising, said in a statement. “From the passionate collector to the casual street-chic fashionista, there’s an underserved consumer who loves the closet classics as much as we do. The_ONES is our way of bringing inclusivity back to the sneaker community and celebrating the shoes we reach for time and time again.”

Along with the sneaker and concept launch, Zappos has unveiled renewed efforts within its Zappos for Good charitable arm, including donations of new and used footwear worldwide, animal advocacy and adoption, and environmental advocacy and sustainable businesses practices, the company said in a press release.

The brand is also well known for its customer service — and that is amplified in its new video series. The videos highlight a young girl who refuses to wear traditional ballet slippers to her recital, a husband who flubs a request from his wife and burly men unsure about their significant others’ admiration of a flexible dude from yoga class — all situations made better in the end by Zappos’ customer service.

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The online footwear retailer famous for its customer service is embarking on a year-long road show to show its gratitude to loyal customers nationwide. The event will feature merchandise, special events and one-of-a-kind experiences.


At Zappos, we know there are real people behind each online transaction. And we wanted a way to celebrate and thank you for your loyalty — personally,” the company’s website said.

The ‘Friends with Benefits Road Show’ kicks off its debut this month in Austin, Texas, followed by stops in Atlanta and Nashville. Each location will host a weekend-long event. More locations will be announced in upcoming months.
Throughout the journey, the company said it will manifest the Zappos spirit in a unique mobile pop-up store experience that allows Zappos customers — old and new — to shop for distinctive products and enjoy custom rewards. Each event will also feature local food, live music, fashion advice from local bloggers, free giveaways, puppy fashion shows and pet adoptions, among other perks, the company said.

“At, our customers mean the world to us, so we’re hitting the road with our ‘Friends with Benefits’ tour to celebrate and thank them in person,” said Kristin Richmer, senior brand marketing manager for Zappos, which is owned by Amazon. Updates and road show stops will be posted on the company’s website.

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(Author : Deena M. Amato-Mccoy) has found a new way to “wow” its passionate shoppers.

In a strategic move to drive engagement, the online shoe retailer launched its first-ever loyalty program. Called Zappos Rewards, the progression-based program will allow customers to earn points toward future purchases, get free expedited shipping on all orders, and receive early access to exclusive products and sales.
The four-level benefits program enables shoppers to earn and redeem “Rewards Points” based upon tier status: silver, gold, platinum, or an invite-only elite tier. Shoppers earn 10 points per every $1 spent on a purchase; 50 points for logging into on any device, and 100 points by writing a review. Customers may redeem every 1,000 earned points for $1 in rewards codes.
Other benefits include free, expedited shipping at all tier levels; an exclusive customer service phone number; early access to exclusive products and sales; free UPS pickups for merchandise returns, and free returns beyond the 365-day return policy.
“As we designed the Zappos Rewards program, our goal was to take our customer service to the next level,” said Arun Rajan, COO of “We leaned on one of our company purposes — ‘To Live and Deliver WOW’ — and we trust this program will truly wow our customers.”

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 Online retailer announced on Monday the launch of their #ImNotABox campaign. The campaign challenges audiences to open up and think outside the box. launches #ImNotABox campaign

The campaign was launched with a short film created in collaboration with a creative collective called Variable. The two-minute film debuted on Monday on’s YouTube and social media channels, and an abbreviated version will air nationally on select cable television networks.

What’s more, as part of the #ImNotABox campaign, will also ship a limited amount of special edition white boxes starting June 1. The special boxes include a collection of template designs including a smartphone holder, a children’s shoe sizer, a geometric planter, a 3D llama, and more.

“The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers, wherever they are in life, as we provide them with the things they need and love. Every box has a unique story and purpose,” says Kelly Smith of Zappos Think, in a news statement.

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Zappos fabrique du bonheur et, accessoirement, vend en ligne des chaussures – beaucoup, beaucoup de chaussures : 1 milliard de paires par an ! – et aussi des vêtements (mais moins…).

Zappos, un service client dopé au bonheur

Et si ça marche si bien, au point d’avoir été racheté en 2009 par Amazon, c’est parce que son patron, Tony Hsieh, a compris il y a plus de 10 ans que pour rendre ses clients heureux, il fallait deux choses : des collaborateurs heureux + un service client extraordinaire.

Le bonheur comme objectif ? vraiment ?
Oui ! Tony Hsieh n’est pas le premier à penser que quand les collaborateurs sont heureux, ils s’occupent mieux des clients et ont à cœur de les rendre heureux à leur tour. On appelle ça la symétrie des attentions, un principe de management qui doit beaucoup à Vineet Nayar et à son livre “Les salariés d’abord, les clients ensuite” . Côté littérature, le patron de Zappos n’est pas en reste avec son livre “l’entreprise du bonheur”. Voici, pour vous mettre en appétit avant la vidéo qui est à la fin de ce billet, deux idées « révolutionnaires » qui, je suis sûr, peuvent vous inspirer et vous aider à développer une vraie culture client dans votre entreprise.

Stage obligatoire au call-center pour tous les nouveaux collaborateurs
Pour travailler chez Zappos, il faut d’abord être coopté : si vos futurs collègues ne vous sentent pas « zappos compatibles », vous n’avez aucune chance. Ensuite, il faut passer 4 semaines au call center, le centre névralgique de l’entreprise et son service le plus important puisqu’il représente 40% de l’effectif (600 personnes). Le stage au call center est obligatoire pour toutes les nouvelles recrues, mêmes les comptables et les développeurs du site, même les grands chefs à plume ! Je trouve cette idée absolument géniale : prendre les appels des clients, répondre à leurs questions et à leur préoccupations, je ne vois pas de meilleur moyen d’apprendre à les comprendre et à les connaître. Et je me dis que dans bien des entreprises, tout irait beaucoup mieux si les managers commençaient par un stage au service client, pas en tant que manager mais en tant que conseiller…

Zéro script, zéro consignes de productivité…
Au call-center de Zappos, les conseillers font les choses comme ils le sentent et prennent tout le temps qu’il faut pour atteindre le seul objectif qui leur est donné : laisser à chaque client un souvenir inoubliable. Pas d’argumentaire, pas de script, pas de chronométrage, pas de consigne de productivité au sens où on l’entend dans l’immense majorité des centres de contact. Les conseiller client de Zappos ont le droit de parler de la pluie et du beau temps et s’ils veulent passer des heures au téléphone avec un client, rien ne les en empêche. Légende ou histoire vraie, un conseiller aurait même passé 10 heures au téléphone avec le même client ! Ce serait le record à battre.

Bon, vous n’êtes peut-être pas obligé d’aller aussi loin dans votre propre service client… Mais si vous voulez des collaborateurs qui restent motivés et qui rendent vos clients heureux, c’est peut-être une bonne idée d’arrêter de leur mettre une pression de folie et de leur imposer des objectifs quantitatifs que vous n’arriveriez pas à tenir vous-même… Pensez-y sérieusement…

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Amazon’s Zappos, already a leader in mobile shopping convenience, continues to focus on streamlining the experience even more, which is why it is the latest retailer to make Apple’s Touch ID technology available to its application users.


Zappos integrates Touch ID for significant improvement to mobile shopping

The online shoe retailer updated its iPhone and iPad apps last week, giving users the option to log in with Touch ID. Mobile passwords can be a hassle to remember and key in but with Touch ID, users are logged in and ready to check out with a single touch. “Touch ID is a huge improvement to the user experience,” said Doug Peterson, iOS Software Engineer at Zappos, who developed the feature for the Zappos iPhone and iPad apps. “Every time you’re logged out of your account, you have to remember and retype your password,” he said. “Touch ID eliminates that frustrating experience and turns it into a painless and almost magical one.”

Biometric authentication
Touch ID was introduced with the launch of iOS 8 last fall. The biometric authentication technology enables users to place their fingertip on the iPhone’s home button, which activates a high-resolution scanner. The image is converted into a formula, encrypted and then sent to a secure enclave. Once the fingerprint image is recognized, the phone or application receives a “yes” token and opens. ouch ID is an important development in simplifying mobile commerce as consumers have clearly shown interest in shopping from their smartphones but also frustration with having to key in lots of information. A number of retailers jumped on with Touch ID right away, including Amazon, Lowe’s and ETrade. With mobile its fastest growing platform, TV shopping network QVC added Touch ID soon after. Banks are also recognizing an opportunity with Touch ID. Earlier this year, Webster Bank became one of the first United States-based banks to leverage Apple’s Touch ID feature into its mobile banking app as it aims to drive user adoption with streamlined security features.

Adding joy
Integrating Touch ID is the latest example of how Zappos continues to push mobile convenience for its shoppers. During the 2014 holiday shopping season, Zappos made it easy to shop anywhere and anytime via customer service-driven services such as Ask Zappos and curated collections.

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The e-retailer tests the concept of a physical store with limited inventory that exposes shoppers to the full online selection.


Zappos opens a temporary pop-up shop

Zappos,  the online shoe and apparel retailer known for its speedy delivery and free 365-day return policy, announced today it’s opening a pop-up shop at the Western Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, near its headquarters. The shop will be open through Dec. 31.

And just like, the store will be open 24 hour a day. Consumers can view products in the store, and scan them at kiosks or which their smartphones to see additional colors and sizes from the online selection. A technology called ShopWithMe will allow a consumer to put merchandise into both a physical shopping cart in the store and a digital cart on and check out once.

“Zappos is excited to partner with OrderWithMe on their new technology, ShopWithMe,” says Steve Hill, Zappos’ vice president of merchandising. “This sort of retail experience is going to give the community of Las Vegas a first look at something new and innovative that was previously unheard of. This will be a first-of-its-kind experience that brings the world of to life and gives holiday shoppers the chance to interact with Zappos in a physical space.”

Zappos and ShopWithMe say one of the goals of this pop-up shop is to create a shopping model that can quickly and affordably be replicated. The idea, they say, is to allow consumers to have the browsing experience of traditional bricks-and-mortar retail with the selection afforded by e-retail. “This is a proof-of-concept test and will allow us to see how Zappos comes to life in person,” Hill says. “Our community has been very supportive of Zappos and we wanted to bring this first-time experience to our hometown here in downtown Las Vegas.” The shop itself is 20,000 square feet and divided into 16 sections. Zappos is owned by Inc., No 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

Analysts at A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm, praised Zappos’ initiative. “Based on our research and discussion with retailers, online-only players increase their web sales in the areas where they open stores,” says Andres Mendoza-Pena, principal in the retail practice of A.T. Kearney. Mendoza-Pena says the increase ranges from 200% to 500%.

Michael Moriarty, a partner in A.T. Kearney’s retail practice elaborated: “Zappos gets the best of both worlds:  a great online experience with fun and efficient discovery and delivery as well as a physical store for discovery and test and trial—and in Las Vegas?  What’s not to like?”

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E-commerce company Zappos has launched a pilot project that targets the massive #OOTD or “outfit of the day” community on Instagram.


zappos & Instagram

There are around 23 million images or selfies that are tagged by users as their #OOTD on Instagram, according to Zappos Labs Director Will Young, who spoke about the project at the SXSW conference. Zappos Labs is the company’s innovation arm responsible for dreaming up new ways for their customers to shop and connect with the brand online.

The pilot project is called Next OOTD and it encourages Instagrammers to use the hashtag #NextOOTD when they post their selfies. If they do, Zappos will send them a personalized shopping recommendation based on their images.

“Next OOTD” is another example of the company’s focus on customer service – something they are well known for – and according to Young the company is always trying to think of ways to take their customer service to the next level.

The project is being done by one person at the moment, but Young expressed that it has the potential to become bigger and that “personal shopping via Instagram” can become the future of the business.

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Le futur du retail passe par le digital : c’est le thème du keynote Zappos, où l’expérience client du site est mise à contribution pour imaginer le magasin du futur. Une belle histoire racontée par Dominique Piotet, fondateur de Rebellion Lab.

” Selon les dernières données BVA/Mappy/2013, le web-marchand progresse de 19% quand le commerce physique baisse de 2%. Au-delà des chiffres, on constate cependant que les magasins en dur conservent une importance majeure. Il suffit de voir la queue pour acheter le dernier Iphone ! Or, il serait tout à fait possible de le commander sur le net. Mais non, le consommateur le veut tout de suite. Moralité : il faut faire converger le web et le point de vente et créer ainsi le magasin du futur “. Voilà une belle entrée en matière, formulée par Dominique Piotet, chef rebel de Rebellion Lab. Des dénominations qui font sourire mais son cv parle de lui-même. Dominique Piotet possède en effet un long passé dans la stratégie de l’innovation : auteur de la stratégie en ligne de BNP Paribas, puis président de l’Atelier à San Francisco… Et récemment chargé par Tony Hsieh, CEO de, de concevoir ce magasin du futur à Las Vegas (Nevada). Il a donc quitté la côte Ouest pour emménager dans Sin City. ” De fait, nous nous inspirons des recettes du site pour imaginer cet établissement “, indique-t-il.

De l’humain au service du client internet

Le succès du site, fondé en 1999 par des ex vendeurs de chaussures, racheté en 2009 par Amazon, est basé sur la qualité de son service-client. Tout a été axé dessus : livraison gratuite, retour gratuit pendant 365 jours… et surtout un call center de folie, ouvert 24h/24, 7 jours sur 7. Le personnel répond sans être contrôlé, minuté, ne se voit attribuer aucun script… ” Le but est de passer le plus de temps possible avec le consommateur “, rappelle Dominique Piotet. Et avec l’inscription du numéro de téléphone sur toutes pages du site, celui-ci n’a aucun mal à appeler ! La conviction : être une société de service avant tout. Par opposition, aucune dépense marketing n’est réalisée. ” C’est le customer-service qui constitue ” la ” dépense marketing “, insiste-t-il. Et Zappos est devenu le leader de la chaussure en ligne, affichant 2,2 Mds de revenus en 2011 enregistrant une croissance de 20 % chaque année. ” C’est intéressant de constater que, pour une société internet, la relation-client passe par le téléphone “, souligne encore Dominique Piotet. Ce qui lui fait dire que le lien physique reste le plus déterminant pour réaliser du business. Une valeur que l’on retrouve jusque dans la gestion des salariés du site. Le 9 septembre 2013 a ainsi été inauguré le campus de Zappos, dans l’ancienne mairie de Las Vegas. Moyennant 60 millions de dollars, le Ceo, Tony Hsieh a ainsi créé un siège à la Google. Mais dans le downtown de Las Vegas, donc dans un environnement dégradé. Ce qu’il ne souhaitait pas pour ses équipes. D’où sa décision de changer le monde.

Downtown project ou un monde meilleur !

Un peu à la Tony Starck (Iron Man), ce Tony- là , décide de créer une ville axée sur la communauté, autrement dit ” a better world “. Nom de code : downtown projectCoût de l’investissement : 350 millions de dollars, de sa poche. Une école, un théâtre, mais aussi ce fameux nouveau magasin… du futur. Positionné un peu à la Colette, avec un nombre réduit de références, des prix Zappos et pas de stock. Mais qui bénéficiera de toute l’expérience client du site. Et en version high-tech, cela signifie par exemple, que le système de reconnaissance faciale sera mis en place. Autrement dit, le client, en pénétrant dans le magasin sera typologisé (âge, sexe, race…). De plus, s’il s’est enregistré sur la page Facebook de Zappos, on pourra récupérer sa photo, donc l’identifier. Et aboutir à une relation-client unique. Pour plus de concret, rendez-vous au Ces Las Vegas en 2015, date d’inauguration de la boutique!

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Director of Zappos Labs Will Young just told Business Insider’s Social Media Commerce Summit how his company got more than 400,000 “likes” on Facebook.(Zappos Labs is the experimental digital marketing arm of Zappos.)


Not all of those likes are organic, he revealed. Many came from sponsored posts. But some were generated simply through a quick change of phrasing.  Zappos encourages consumers to tweet, Facebook, or pin about their recent purchases, an endeavor that Young said was pretty successful from the get-go.

“The language used to just be something like, ‘Share your order on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,'” Young said. But when they changed the wording ever so slightly to “Love your order? Share it!” Young noted that sharing “went up by seven percent.”

The e-commerce company has been working to increase its engagement in the social sphere, for example, it learned to de-emphasize company culture on its Facebook page and primarily highlight its products.

“A lot of our customers don’t care what costumes we wear in the office,” Young said. And when it comes to Facebook, Young said that Zappos has to invest on sponsored posts — which cost money. “It’s a necessary evil,” Young said. “It’s the difference between 1,000 ‘likes’ versus 10.”

Other social media platforms have their place in Zappos’ strategy.

“Twitter is a big customer service channel,” Young said, “and Pinterest is the opportunity to remind people that we have more than shoes.”

But Young acknowledged that the company has some areas it needs to work on, namely getting more social on mobile.

“We haven’t pushed social too much in our mobile [work], other than the typical ‘Share This,'” Young said. “A lot of it is still on desktop.”

It is also working on creating communities within the Zappos consumer base.

“We are very horizontal, so it’s hard to focus on one niche,” he said. “Can we build a real community within a vertical — like running?”

Source : businessinsider