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Australia your Samsung internet-fridge is here and it’s going to do your shopping for you! Welcome to the new era of grocery e-Commerce.


Run out of milk? No problem. Just tap on your refrigerator’s touchscreen and order some more. This is a possible scenario as off this week, with Samsung announcing a partnership with Woolworths, just in time for the launch of its latest internet-connect fridge. If you shop at Coles, then bad luck (well at least for now). Samsung’s partnership with Woolworths demonstrates why anyone would want to connect their fridge to the internet.

The Family Hub Refrigerator lets owners buy groceries using the Woolworths app (available in October) that they can download directly from their fridge, via the 21.5-inch interactive touchscreen on the door.

There are currently 200,000 users of the Woolworths mobile app, and more than half a million Aussies are shopping online every month, which certainly places Woolworths in a great position to collaborate with tech giant Samsung, thus improving its services to tech-savvy consumers and making shopping online for groceries as easy as possible.

The Family Hub Refrigerator comes with three cameras inside, that allows users to create a grocery list based on the fridge contents, which also syncs with smartphones, via the Samsung Smart Home app.

The app allows owners to view the inside of their fridge on their phone, thanks to the fridges interior cameras, that take photos of the contents every time you close the door. This means if you’re on your way home and can’t remember if you need milk or butter, just have a peek on your phone for the answer.

“At Woolworths, the customer is at the centre of everything we do, so working with Samsung on the Family Hub made perfect sense for us, as we work to provide our customers with convenient ways to shop,” said Kate Langford, Woolworth’s GM of Digital.

The Woolworths app also comes complete with dinner inspo, featuring over 2,000 recipes. Hmmm… now for a fridge that’ll cook me dinner.

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Consumers who order goods from eBay can now collect their purchases from an extended network of Woolworths stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Tasmania.

Woolworths to Extend Click-and-Collect Venture with eBay

In an attempt to attract new customers and boost in-store foot traffic and sales, Aussie supermarket chain Woolworths is extending its four-month-old click-and-collect venture with online marketplace eBay.

The service, known as Simply Collect, will now allow consumers who order goods from eBay to collect their purchases from 17 Woolworths supermarkets and 25 BIG W stores in Melbourne, in addition to 90 stores in NSW and Tasmania.

Click-and-collect now accounts for between 20 and 50 percent of online sales in Woolworths supermarkets, BIG W stores, liquor shops and home improvement stores, and is proving particularly popular in metropolitan and regional areas. eBay Senior Marketing Director Steve Brennen has advised the number of eBay sellers using Simply Collect has risen from 250 two months after the service was launched to more than 1,200 today.

To date, the click-and-collect offering has helped reduce the cost of delivering and returning goods, plus it generates additional sales with between 30 and 40 percent of online shoppers, including those new to Woolworths, making additional purchases in-store when they collect online orders. For example, in home improvement stores, customers spend an average $40 extra in-store when they pick up online orders.

“It’s a new way of creating store traffic which we didn’t know about,” Woolworths Chief Executive Grant O’Brien told retailers last week at a Retail Council lunch.

Woolworths says the cost of Simply Collect is negligible with eBay sellers bearing the cost of delivery to Woolworths stores, and the retailer already manning parcel collection desks for its online grocery and BIG W customers.

eBay conducted a survey last year that found one in five online shoppers in Australia bought online at least once a week, but 47 percent are not permitted to receive personal deliveries at work and almost a quarter have to leave work or work from home to take delivery of online orders. Based on this survey, eBay believes more than two million eBay customers will take advantage of click-and-collect and buy more frequently.

With increasingly blurred lines between online and offline retail, large bricks-and-mortar retailers such as Woolworths, Myer and David Jones, have enthusiastically embraced click-and-collect in an attempt to gain competitive advantage over pureplay online retailers, by giving customers the choice of picking up online orders in-store or having them delivered to their homes or post offices.

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Ebay and Woolworths have teamed up to provide online shoppers with convenient collection points at supermarkets and Big W outlets in Sydney and Tasmania.



From today, more than 40,000 products for sale from selected merchants on Ebay can be delivered to customers’ local Woolworths or Big W stores. Initial sellers include Your Home Depot, No Frills, Surf Stitch, Mytopia, Futu Online and Golfbox. This list is planned to expand to 250 sellers within two months. As the ‘Click & Collect’ service expands over the next three years, Ebay and Woolworths expect up to 12,000 sellers will get involved. Customers select their participating Woolworths outlet when making their purchase on Ebay. They then receive a unique code to show at pickup. The partnership follows success in the UK with a delivery deal between Ebay UK and online retailer Argos. The service has been designed to solve delivery problems for online shoppers unable to receive personal deliveries at work – since 91% of Australians live within 10km of a Woolworths store. New research reveals that one in five online shoppers in Australia buys online at least once a week, but almost half (47%) are not permitted to receive personal deliveries at work. 23% of online shoppers told the study they had taken a holiday or worked from home in order to receive an online delivery, while 49% re-direct personal online deliveries because they are at work. Ebay predicts the new service will expand opportunities for online retailers, predicting purchase frequency to surge. Last year, Australians spent $16.4 billion in online retail.

“As it continues to expand, the traditional retail model is evolving and the lines between online and offline blurring,” says Hamish Moline, Ebay merchant development director.

“The new service creates a brand new avenue for our sellers, driving traffic and encouraging a rise in sales. It’s a service we hope will revolutionise the way Australians shop, enabling a new and convenient way to get the things they need and want every day.”

Woolworths Marketplace general manager Emily Amos says the partnership will change the face of retailing for busy Australians.

“This new service will help them make best use of their time by removing the need to wait at home for a parcel to arrive.”

James Harvey, operations manager at participating seller Your Home Depot, says the deal opens up a new retail channel for his business.

“Having the opportunity to take advantage of a ready-made national network of physical stores means it is an exciting time to be a retailer in Australia.”

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La question est un classique des retours de vacances : « On mange quoi ce soir, le frigidaire est vide ? ». En permettant au consommateur de récupérer à l’aéroport ses achats faits en ligne, la chaîne australienne Woolworths apporte une solution unique au monde…


« Nous savons à quel point il est contraignant après des vacances familiales ou un voyage d’affaires, de devoir aller au supermarché faire ses courses ». Kate Langford possède un diagnostic aussi pertinent que le service conçu en réponse à ce problème par Woolworths, dont elle cornaque le développement des activités en ligne. Le « Click, Fly & Collect », disponible depuis le 15 mai à l’aéroport de Melbourne, est désigné par le CEO de la marque comme « une première mondiale ».

Concrètement, l’innovation est simple comme un bonjour australien, le fameux « G’day mate ». Dans les sept jours précédents votre vol vers Melbourne, vous vous rendez sur l’application dédiée et faites vos emplettes en ligne, comme sur n’importe quelle autre plate-forme d’e-commerce. Une fois atterri et récupéré vos bagages, vous pouvez aller prendre vos sacs à la sortie du terminal adjacent au Park Royal Hotel. Il est même possible, tout simplement, de  presser sur le bouton d’une borne pour que vos achats soient livrés dans la voiture, le tout sans que cela ne coûte le moindre centime en plus.

« Cette innovation permet à nos consommateurs de passer moins de temps dans nos rayons afin de mieux se consacrer à d’autres obligations, ou des hobbies plus attractifs », reconnaît Kate Langford, qui pour résumer le produit d’appel de son nouveau service évoque « le repos de l’esprit quand on sait qu’on n’a pas à se soucier d’un frigidaire vide en rentrant chez soi ».

Un test de six mois

Ouvert de 9h00 à 21h00, le « Click, Fly & Collect » ne profite pas seulement aux voyageurs, mais également aux 14 000 employés de l’aéroport. Pour ceux dont l’avion s’est posé en retard sur le tarmac, une livraison à domicile ou une autre alternative sera mise en place, précise Woolworths dans son communiqué de presse. Le plus grand réseau australien de distribution a d’ores et déjà annoncé qu’il allait tester le service pendant six mois avant de décider ou non de l’étendre à d’autres aéroports.

Dans les colonnes de l’Herald Sun – le quotidien de la deuxième agglomération urbaine du pays, une consommatrice estime que« s’il est rapide de se rendre sur le lieu de livraison et facile de récupérer les courses », alors oui elle utiliserait régulièrement le service. Avec une croissance annuelle s’élevant à 50%, l’achat en ligne constitue pour Woolworths une mine d’or à explorer avec la meilleure pertinence.

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