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(Author : Sandra Halliday)
To mark the start of the Summer season from now up until June 4, the window of Topshop’s global flagship store on London’s Oxford Street has been transformed into an interactive pool scene, complete with a 360º Virtual Reality water slide, “ready to take customers on a fully immersive ride.”

Topshop adds VR to flagship to celebrate start of summer

It’s a major development for the retailer with users starting their VR journey seated on a giant inflatable at the entrance to the slide and then being “thrust into a fictional Topshop-themed world with a few surprises along the way.” Starting at the store, “the ride will see consumers embark on a hyper-real, high-intensity journey across London’s streets, twisting and turning their way through the computer-generated landscape.”

It’s an interesting development for a store that usually grabs more headlines for its collaboration with supermodels and designers or the activities of its controlling shareholder Sir Philip Green.

But it reflects the major impact advanced technology is making on retail and how flagships need to be more than just big and well-stocked, they need to offer one-of-a-kind experiences too. Given that this is as much about marketing as anything, consumers will be able to share the experience with their social followers in a dedicated Splash! at Topshop area within the store. And Snapchat users will be able to access an exclusive Topshop lens available from May 27 “that will see them immersed in a surreal summer-themed aquatic world.”

Sheena Sauvaire, Global Marketing and Communications Director at the company, said: “Topshop Oxford Street has one of the most prominent store fronts in the world. As VR technology continues to advance our desire was to blend it with retail theatre to create an immersive and shareable experience for our consumers, as a fun way to celebrate the start of summer.”

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(Author : Caroline Baldwin)
Waitrose is testing an app which inspires customers with recipes ideas as well as generating a shopping list of ingredients.

Waitrose prototypes recipe inspiration app

Waitrose is developing a recipe inspiration app linked to loyalty card data which can alert customers to grocery items they have bought recently. Using content created by the grocer’s Waitrose Kitchen magazine over the years, the app will provide customers with meal suggestions. Customers can filter recipes by main ingredient, cooking time and how difficult the meal is to cook.

Speaking at RBTE 2017, Matt Clifton, head of customer experience at Waitrose, said: “Something like 40% of us don’t now what we’re going to eat tonight by 4pm, that drives people to the store who want to get in and get out quickly, but not knowing what they are going to buy.”

Clifton described how the prototype app provides visual images as well as information such as what cooking utensils are needed to make the dish. The app can also generate a shopping list so customers can remember which ingredients to buy when they visit the store.

“But what’s really clever is it also offers up information, such as ‘you’ve got curry powder here, but we know you bought that three days ago so you don’t need to buy it again’,” explained Clifton. “You might think that isn’t sensible as we want to drive sales, but people value that and come back to us.”

The app has already been tested on a select number of customers for a couple of weeks in two London stores, and the grocer is now evaluating whether to roll it out widely. If rolled out, Clifton said the recipe inspiration offering would be part of the wider MyWaitrose app. “We want to build it all in one capability,” he said. “And we don’t want it just for in-store online.” Clifton said the prototype has been designed so customers can choose how they want to have it fulfilled.

“We know Sainsbury’s are doing very similar things and we’re not claiming this to be revolutionary,” he said, noting how it’s the right thing to do in order to give customers choice to maintain sales and profitability.

He also said Waitrose is looking at how to combine shopping lists from multiple MyWaitrose members living under one roof so online shopping lists can be shared.

“Rather than having multiple lists, we can link the MyWaitrose accounts and all those people can see the same list,” explained Clifton. “It saves the texts I frequently get which say: ‘don’t forge to pick up bananas’ and I have to go home and fess up.” These lists will also inform the customer if they’ve purchase an item recently, reminding them they don’t really need to buy it.

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Canada Goose ha scelto Londra per aprire il suo primo monomarca a livello europeo.


Lo store, che inaugurerà il prossimo autunno, sorgerà in Regent Street e sarà il più grande tra quelli aperti finora. Non solo, il brand celebre per i suoi parka ha annunciato che potenzierà anche il suo canale e-commerce, sempre a livello europeo, in sette Paesi, e in particolare in Germania, Svezia, Olanda, Irlanda, Belgio, Lussemburgo e Austria. Al momento, come si evince dal sito del marchio, l’e-commerce è attivo, in Europa, solamente in Francia e nel Regno Unito. Sempre il prossimo autunno, il brand aprirà un nuovo negozio a Chicago, in Michigan Avenue.

Lo scorso anno, Canada Goose ha aperto i suoi primi negozi a New York e Toronto mentre, a marzo 2017, è approdata in Borsa, sugli stock exchange di New York e Toronto.


(Author : Jason Holland)
Luxury fashion house Burberry has unveiled a life-size hot air balloon installation and opened a pop-up store at London Heathrow Airport. The installation is located in the Terminal 2 departure lounge and is intended to “celebrate the magic of flight”, Burberry said.

The magic of flight Burberry unveils hot air balloon installation and pop-up store at Heathrow

The Burberry Balloon stands over 15 metres tall and is inspired by the achievements of Air Commodore Edward Maitland. Along with fellow balloonists Auguste Gaudron and Charles Turner, Maitland travelled 1,117 miles from London to Russia in 1908, establishing the British long-distance, inflight record. He wore Burberry gabardine suiting for his historic flight in the ‘Mammoth’ balloon, protecting him from the hardships of cold at high altitude, the fashion house said.

The installation features dedicated iPads and Burberry post boxes, and travellers can create and print their own Burberry postcards and send them to friends and family. The cards can be personalised with a passenger’s name and travel destination, and feature illustrations. An animated video of the Burberry Balloon and its journey from Heathrow to the chosen destination can be shared on the user’s social media account. An accompanying pop-up store features bags from Burberry’s DK88 collection, named after the house code for its signature honey-coloured gabardine. The DK88 comes in top handle, satchel and luggage-inspired styles for men and women, each featuring Burberry’s new Trench Leather.

Heathrow Retail and Service Director Chris Annetts said: “We are delighted to be working with Burberry on this exciting installation. The balloon will wow our passengers and immerse them in the magic of flying even before they reach their destination. With personalised postcards and the most exclusive products, the Burberry Balloon will be a memorable experience long after our passengers arrive home.”

The Burberry Balloon will be at Heathrow from 4 May to 7 August before embarking on the next leg of its world tour to a secret destination.

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The supermarket’s new marketing boss says she hopes the new ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign will prove Tesco is practicing what it preaches.

Tesco takes ‘inside out’ approach as it looks to shop floor workers for inspiration

Tesco’s chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini says each of its ads are now directly inspired by a shop floor colleague, as it moves to an “inside out” marketing approach. Today (2 May), Tesco launched the ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign. As part of the campaign, Tesco will lower the price of fruit and vegetables; provide ‘Little Swap’ signposts in-store alerting consumers to healthier alternatives; put fresh fruit at checkouts; and launch two new health-minded TV ads as part of its ongoing ‘Food Love Stories’ campaign. The latter will feature recipes from health-minded chef Derek Sarno.

Running through May, the integrated campaign will also see Tesco provide free diabetes risk assessments and blood pressure check-ups in 375 of its large store pharmacies, as well as support 330 Race for Life events across the UK in partnership with Cancer Research UK. Speaking to Marketing Week, Bellini says the campaign is a bid to ensure Tesco’s marketing is more integrated and purpose-driven.

She says: “We have a responsibility as the nation’s largest greengrocer to do more and this campaign is breaking new ground as it is utilising customers, colleagues and communities at the same time.”

Last summer, Tesco introduced its Free Fruit for Kids initiative, something Bellini says was directly inspired by a colleague. This new approach to marketing means shop floor colleagues have an integral say on advertising narratives, much like an agency would.

“Our colleagues inspire us often and, in fact, a lot of the Food Love Stories come from ideas direct from our colleagues,” she explains. “The plan is to get them to inspire all the advertising we do from now on and feel more engaged.

“Ultimately, if your staff truly feel a part of a campaign – and we’re trying to get our staff involved this time around by offering them health checks and free fruit – it helps a campaign truly come to life.”

Over recent months, Tesco has put forward a more purpose-driven marketing strategy. In March, for example, it launched a campaign talking up its battle to reduce food waste.

This latest campaign sees Tesco working with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK to donate £1 for every mile a Tesco colleague completes as part of the Tesco Million Mile Challenge. Tesco will match each mile with £1, with a total donation goal of £1 million. Bellini insists these moves are not a gimmick and says Tesco has a commitment for the long-term.

She concludes: “We’ve taken out 8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt from our supply chain – so the real aim is to help people make better, healthier choices. We don’t want to force people, but to show them we are practicing what we preach and that the promises you see in the TV campaign are being executed throughout the business.

“It is interesting to build something from the inside out, instead of [the old way] of just telling people what to do.”

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Trampoline park brand Gravity is to open a flagship branch at Bluewater in Kent, in a 2322 sq m (25,000 sq ft) space in the redeveloped Plaza section of the shopping centre.

Flagship for Gravity coming to Bluewater

Designed by an in-house team, the facility will incorporate wall-to-wall trampolines and large open play areas. It is due to be open in time for Christmas 2017.

Founded by entrepreneurs Harvey Jenkinson and Michael Harrison in 2014, Gravity opened its first trampoline park in February 2015, at Xscape Yorkshire. Since then the brand has opened three further parks and with a recent investment of £5 million it has plans to double in size, with four further sites in prime locations including Bluewater. The investment will also enable Gravity to make modifications to existing parks to introduce new activities and increase capacity.

“The impressive footfall, diverse catchment and complete day-out offering make it the perfect launch-pad for our expansion,” says Harvey Jenkinson of Bluewater. “This will be our flagship location nationally, enabling us to further establish ourselves as the number one, premium trampoline operator in the UK.”

“The brand adds to our already popular range of leisure activities including the Showcase cinema, which is currently being upgraded to a 17-screen Cinema de Lux,” says Rob Hardie, senior portfolio manager of Bluewater co-owner Land Securities, “Together these leisure activities create a unique day-out experience that always provides something surprising and memorable for guests, and help to ensure Bluewater’s position as Europe’s leading retail and leisure destination.”

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(Author :  Dami Lee)
In this week’s edition of “How could this possibly go wrong”, Target announced today that more than 650 stores across the country will get a Mario Kart makeover in honor of the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch on April 28th.

Target is playing a dangerous game by turning shopping carts into Mario Karts

The promotion will turn some shopping carts into “Super Target Karts” featuring Mario, Luigi, and Peach (sorry Bowser), and shoppers will be greeted by flashing lights and the Super Mario Bros. theme song as they walk past the checkered start line at the store entrance.

If you’d rather not get trampled by teens and/or grown adults racing through the store on their karts, you can catch a glimpse of additional decorations outside the store — Target’s will transform the big, red bollards into disembodied Mario and Luigi heads. Target did a similar promotion last year for the launch of Pokémon Go, painting the bollards like giant Poké Balls.

The experience will only be around for the next few weeks, which hopefully shouldn’t cause too much store damage. I’m probably being overly pessimistic here, but this could be another short-sighted corporate marketing effort that ends up putting more strain on its retail workers — like how the limited-edition Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino drove a fed-up barista to go on a passionate rant on a now deleted Twitter video: “I have never made so many Frappuccinos in my entire life. My hands are completely sticky. I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life!”

Turning shopping carts into Mario Karts and a store into a race track is practically daring shoppers to misbehave. If your local Target has a supermarket section, you should steer clear of it even more, unless you want to slip on an actual banana peel. Though if you do end up getting injured, Target always has band-aids in stock. Marketing!

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(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
Rather than implementing a traditional loyalty program for customers, Domino’s worked with the CP+B creative agency on the creation of a unique new way to engage and reward its most loyal fans.

Domino's Loyalty Program for Customers Turns Them into Shareholders

Domino’s loyalty program, Piece of the Pie Rewards, invites customers to actually become part of the company by becoming shareholders; each month, 25 members will be given 10 shares of Domino’s stock. To pair this reward with something more tangible, Domino’s also sends out a special-edition pizza box that resembles a briefcase with a coating of faux leather paper stock, a gilded pizza cutter, a certificate and other fine details on the inside.

Domino’s has found that since it has implemented Piece of the Pie Rewards, share prices have increased 24%.

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(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
London’s Camden Market is now home to a new 4,000 square foot Dr Martens store that is spread out across two floors that show off products for men, women and children.

This New Dr Martens Store Boasts an Interactive Space for Gigs

The new flagship store is being called an “experimental store,” as it features limited-edition designs that are exclusive to this new location, special artwork, a GIF photo booth and even a customization station where customers may personalize their old or new Dr Martens shoes. The space also includes VR experiences from Oculus that let fans take a virtual tour of the brand’s factory in the UK.

This New Dr Martens Store Boasts an Interactive Space for Gigs1
On top of this, the new Dr Martens store will also serve as a live music venue operated in partnership with online radio specialist Mixcloud.

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Waitrose is launching its first official ‘Supper Club’ at its new store in Haywards Heath, where customers will be able to have restaurant-quality meals created by chefs from its three cookery schools.

Waitrose Goes In For Restaurant-Style Dining

Customers will be able to choose from an exclusive three-course menu, including nibbles and drinks, for £35. To make this happen, Waitrose will transform the store cafe for eight evenings in April and May, with space for 50 patrons each evening.

This is the first time the concept has been launched at a new store, after it was trialled for a short period last year in its Newbury and Salisbury stores.

“We realise a supermarket might not spring to mind when people are thinking about dining out in the evening, but we want that to change,” said the manager of the Waitrose cookery schools, Karen Himsworth.

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