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The North Face continue de mailler l’Hexagone. La marque outdoor du groupe américain VF Corp va passer le cap des 25 boutiques à l’enseigne sur la France d’ici la fin 2016. The North Face annonce l’ouverture de cinq nouveaux magasins avec des partenaires.


Elle s’installe à Courchevel sur 60 mètres carrés au Forum, à Gérardmer, sur 80 mètres carrés au 15 rue Charles De Gaulle. Mais aussi dans des villes moyennes comme à Pau, sur 110 mètres carrés 28 rue des Cordeliers, à Besançon, sur 110 mètres carrés au 18 rue des Granges, et à Montpellier, sur 130 mètres carrés au 30 boulevard du Jeu de paume.

Ces nouvelles adresses bénéficient du dernier concept de la marque, tout comme son nouveau pop-up qu’a ouvert un partenaire ce week-end à La Défense sur 30 mètres carrés. Avec ses mobiliers et présentoirs en bois provenant du parc Yosemite, la marque en appelle aux grands espaces américains. The North Face explique que la nouvelle disposition de l’entrée du magasin est imaginée comme “une seconde vitrine qui contribue à construire les histoires fortes de la marque. Et pourra être une zone à utiliser comme point de départ pour le parcours du client dans la boutique”. La marque joue l’immersion dans son univers, notamment via un travail sur la zone de caisse mais aussi avec un papier peint numérique dans les cabines d’essayage.
Outre ses nouvelles boutiques, The North Face a implanté ce concept dans deux corners chez Terre de Montagne à Ville-la-Grand et dans l’Intersport de la rue de Rivoli à Paris. Avant ces ouvertures, The North Face comptait 21 boutiques en France, dont cinq en propre à Paris Beaugrenelle et Saint-Germain, Marseille, Chamonix et Lyon. Elle annonce aussi deux pop-up dans les centres commerciaux de Velizy 2 et Rosny 2.

The North Face a enregistré une croissance proche de 20% de son chiffre d’affaires, après effets de change, sur son dernier trimestre. Au sein de VF Corp, le volet Outdoor & Action Sports a vu ses ventes progresser de 2% au dernier trimestre clos fin juin, à 1,4 milliard de dollars.

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Outdoor clothing retailer The North Face will launch a mobile app next month that lets users engage with Watson, the world’s smartest computer, to help find the right item for them.

The North Face to launch insanely smart Watson-powered mobile shopping app next month

It’s the first mobile app experience to put Watson, the powerful artificial intelligence computer owned by IBM, to use in a retail environment. The app will allow you to speak to it openly on the phone — where the Watson-powered shopping assistant will engage you in a question-and-answer conversation to help figure out exactly what you need.

How it works
Let’s say you want a spring jacket. The new app will save you from the usual online shopping experience of scrolling through pages and pages of jacket images — the North Face has 350 jackets, with different weights, styles, and protection levels. Wondering whether you need down filling, or synthetic insulation, or something even lighter, like cotton? Sometimes you don’t even know where to start. That’s why Watson steps back and asks where exactly you’re going to use the jacket, and when (to help it know what temperature range you’ll be in), and whether you’re looking for men’s or women’s, and what sort of activities you plan to engage in. It then automatically calculates things and — voila — spits out the jackets it thinks are best for you.

Desktop testing showed encouraging results
The North Face, based in Alameda, California, started testing the technology in November, though the bulk of it was through the desktop version. Experimenting on the mobile site was tougher because of the phone’s tiny real estate. It’s difficult to show multiple products in a row on a single screen, and product images can weigh a page down and slow rendering time, said Cal Bouchard, senior director of ecommerce at The North Face, in an interview with VentureBeat.

The app, while obtainable in the major app stores, will remain browser-based. is a responsive web site, so all experiences built on the site are available on desktop, tablet and mobile, the company said. The Watson-based assistant is built similarly on a responsive platform, but by April will have been designed with a mobile-first UX, the company said.

The company generated encouraging results from its two-month testing, which formally concluded in January. Some 50,000 people used it, engaging for an average engagement of two minutes. Users who provided feedback rated the experience a 2.5 out of 3, and 75 percent said they’d use it again, said Bouchard. The technology generated a 60 percent clickthrough rate to try product recommendations.

While the official trial period is over, The North Face has kept a link open for people to try out the technology: www.thenorthface/xps. I tried it, and found the results mixed. It froze on my first search, perhaps because I unknowingly threw it a curveball: I was shopping for my 14-month son, and Watson hadn’t catalogued youth clothing yet. Here’s what happened: I started by telling it I wanted to shop for a jacket for the coming weekend in NYC, for my “little boy.” It then asked whether I wanted to shop for men’s or women’s jackets, and then froze.

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The North Face puts its passion for adventure and the great outdoors front and center in its new flagship on Regent Street in London. The two-level 4,300-sq.-ft. space is designed to inspire customers to explore the world and equip them with not only the necessary gear, but also knowledge and support.

First Look,The North Face

The store has a sleek, modern edge.  Designed by Green Room, London, it is built around the concept of a “progressive playground,” one that promotes customer engagement, discovery and interaction. The interior conveys the brand’s passion for the outdoors, with skylights, live greenery, and tree trunks that extend through the ceiling windows.

The store features the latest in digital technology, including a virtual reality experience that allows viewers to experience Nepal up close and personal. Exciting outdoor adventure footage is showcased on video screens located throughout the space. Digital screens (“sky windows”) set in the ceiling feature imagery that reflects outside weather conditions. Digital storefront windows help drive passers-by inside, and promote the brand’s messaging and global expeditions.

The store is divided into three areas, “live,” “train,” and “explore,” which are targeted to meet the different “aspirations” of shoppers. It also has a dedicated community space for events, guest lectures, and product launches.

And in keeping with its exploration theme, The North Face features on-site lockers, where visitors can leave their belongings before going outside to explore the city outside its doors.

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The North Face has opened a new store in London’s Regent Street, using digital screens and special features to change the look and feel of the store depending on the season.

The North Face Regent Street opens

The North Face’s new flagship store on London’s Regent Street is aiming to bring the “spirit of the great outdoors” to its customers by utilising digital screen technology and other features that tailor the theme of the store to each season. Selling its range of outdoor apparel and equipment, The North Face store has deployed multiple screens showcasing footage of adventurous activities and outdoor pursuits.

A schedule of regular appearances and awe-inspiring events from athletes affiliated with the brand has been arranged, to take place in the 400-sq m of retail space. In addition, the store has on-site locker rooms which visitors can use to change into the new outdoor gear. The new shop, which was officially opened last week, has strategically located sky windows which the retailer says have been installed to bring to life the weather according to the time of year. Season by season this feature should help market the business’ products in the conditions in which they are most likely to be used.

The North Face Regent Street opens1

Arne Arens, VP/GM of The North Face, said: “London is a hot-bed of people that love adventure and outdoor exploration, and this store has been designed with them in mind.

“London has a rich history of exploration and has given rise to some of the most world-renowned adventurers, making it the ideal location to set up our newest camp and encourage people to escape the ordinary.”

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Dans un magasin Sud Coréen, la marque The North Face a piégé certains de ses clients en mélangeant fiction et réalité. Comme à son habitude, la marque du groupe VF Corporation (regroupant des best sellers comme Van’s, Lee Cooper ou encore Eastpak) utilise l’un de ses points de vente pour faire sa promotion et ainsi augmenter le trafic en magasin.

The North Face organise des courses de chiens de traineau dans un centre commercial

Pour cette opération, des clients de The North Face sont invités à vivre une course de chiens de traineau en simulation via un oculus rift, quand tout à coup, de réels huskys sont accrochés au siège du participant et se mettent à courir à grandes enjambées dans le centre commercial. La course de chiens de traineau s’achève toujours sur une note positive puisqu’après avoir relevé le défi, les clients de la marque remportent une veste.


La marque qui emprunte son nom à la face nord de la montagne, la plus abrupte et la plus difficile d’ascension, a toujours mis au coeur de sa plateforme de marque la découverte d’une nature authentique et extrême. Ainsi, faire vivre un semblant d’aventure aux chalands notoires semble en lien avec la mission que s’est donnée The North Face. De plus, la marque allie événementialisation de son point de vente et diffusion de ses opérations sur le web pour, d’une part être vue, et d’autre part pousser ses prospects à venir en magasin. Car la prochaine personne à gagner une veste lors d’un événement en magasin pourrait être n’importe qui…

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