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A Tesco store in Scotland has introduced a “relaxed lane” aimed at creating a less stressful checkout line for less able customers.

Tesco figures

In conjuction with Alzheimer Scotland, the initiative sees staff at the Forres site trained to identify special needs customers and operate at a more suitable speed.The pilot scheme currently operates on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

“We want them to be confident they can shop at their own pace,” Forres Tesco employee Kerry Speed told the BBC.

“It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout, and it struck me that this could be true for others as well.

“Early feedback from customers has been very positive. Although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference.”

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David ha conquistato sua moglie cucinandole il pollo speziato al curry e fingendo di condividere con lei la passione per il cibo piccante, che in realtà lui non ama affatto. Dopo anni di matrimonio, David ancora prepara la stessa ricetta aggiungendo di nascosto una salsa yogurt per stemperare il sapore. Maria non ha ancora scoperto il suo piccolo segreto.


È questa la prima video-storia d’amore e cibo appena lanciata da Tesco come parte della nuova campagna Food Love Stories, la più imponente dal 2015. In programma, oltre allo spot di David e Maria, sei ulteriori racconti con diffusione televisiva, online, radio e outdoor.

La catena della gdo inglese guarda così a una comunicazione capace di ricreare un legame emozionale con l’audience e le famiglie. L’associazione ricercata è quella tra qualità degli affetti e qualità alimentare, con riposizionamento dell’identity su questo asset. Si punta così a un’immagine più premium, calda e di prossimità.

La campagna porta la firma di Bartle Bogle Hegarty London e dei direttori creativi Kevin Stark e AK Parker.


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The craft brewer Goose Island Beer Co. recently announced that it will be setting up a series of pop-up beer tasting stands in Tesco supermarkets across the UK.


With many supermarkets looking for ways to make their stores more inviting and experiential, the new activation give customers a unique way to make grocery shopping a bit more fun. The pop-up beer tasting sessions will take place between November 19th and 29th at various Tesco stores across the UK.

At each store, Goose Island will set up a tasting station to give customers a chance to taste its 312 Urban Wheat Ale and its Honker’s Ale. At several of these events, Goose Island will enhance the ‘Happy Hour’ experience with a VR experience that takes customers on a virtual tour of its hop farm in the Northern Idaho Valley and its barrel warehouse in Chicago.

The immersive, in-store bar experience give consumers a chance to learn more about craft beer and to understand what sets the Goose Island brand apart from its competitors.

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British supermarket chain Tesco is trialling a digital receipt service which will instantly send via email an electronic record of purchases to customers using a unique NFC sticker linked to an app on their smartphones.


Customers taking part in the trial in one store in Harlow, Essex, are able to tap the sticker on a special terminal at the till to request their digital receipt and receive a truncated paper receipt. Their data is stored anonymously, preventing shoppers who use the service from being targeted for marketing. Tesco says the trial will end in November and they will be “speaking to customers to get their thoughts before we decide whether to extend it”.

‘Easier shopping’
“We’re always looking for ways to make the shopping trip a little bit easier for customers,” a spokesman says. “We’re currently trialling a digital receipt service in one of our stores which will allow customers to keep a record of all their receipts in one place. “We know some customers find it tricky to hold onto a number of paper receipts. Data is stored anonymously, as a result we cannot use the collected information for marketing.” In June, Tesco Bank and Mastercard announced they were working together to “enhance mobile and digital payments” at the supermarket giant to make it easier for Tesco customers to pay.

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Tesco has announced today that it is rolling out its Scan as you Shop service to a further 20 stores, and is launching a TV advert to promote the technology.

Tesco extends scan-as-you-go retail technology in UK stores

Tesco says it will have more in-store self shopping scanners than any other UK retailer following a move this week to extend the service across its estate.

The UK’s largest retailer announced today that it is rolling out its Scan as you Shop service to a further 20 stores, accompanied by a TV advert to promote the technology. The supermarket says the move is a bid to help customers save time at the checkout.

The Scan as You Shop service allows customers to scan products as they walk round the store, and keep a tally of how much they are spending. The system will be available for use at self-service checkouts as well as manned checkouts, and the service is now available in nearly 350 stores across the UK.

A Tesco spokesperson said the service is already used by more than 600,000 of its customers every week, adding: “We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to shop with us.

“This new trial will mean more customers than ever before can benefit from the service and check out in a matter of seconds.”

Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are among the other supermarkets that offer customers the chance to use self-scan machines in their stores, and there are various trials going ahead to combine this technology with consumers’ own mobile devices.

Retailers are being encouraged to offer their customers choice and variety when it comes to the way they can embark on their shopping journeys, and scan-as-you-go technology meets that need. However, a recent report by University of Leicester criminologists said that mobile-scan-and-pay tech is promoting theft.

The report suggested that mobile-scan-and-pay technologies generate a significantly high rate of loss for retailers, as the technology removes human contact from the shopping process. It was said that the technology makes it easier for shoppers to steal, while also reducing the perception of legal consequence.

Dr Matt Hopkins, from University of Leicester’s Department of Criminology, commented: “Retailers are becoming aware of these problems and introducing ways of amplifying risk in the mobile scan and pay environment, trying to ensure that all that ends up in the basket also makes it onto the receipt.”

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Tesco is jumping on the night tube bandwagon by opening an additional seven of its London stores for 24 hours this weekend.

Tesco stores along London's night tube lines to open 24 hours

The news from the UK’s largest supermarket retailer is a bid to increase convenience for late night and early morning travellers along the Victoria and Central lines of London’s Underground.

To mark the launch of these extended hours, the Big 4 grocer will also set up “Hydration Stations” at the front of stores running from 3am-7am on Friday and Saturday nights.

This will see Tesco staff handing out freshly-squeezed orange juice and cold bottled water, benefiting both night workers and party goers heading home after a night out.

“London is such a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit and the night tube provides people with a great way to experience the city at a time that suits them best,” Tesco London convenience director Martin Smith said.

“At Tesco we’re always looking for new ways to serve London’s customers whenever it is most convenient to them“. 

“That’s why we’re delighted to announce these new opening hours at select store, helping to make life easier for those either working late or enjoying London’s nightlife.”

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(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
Supermarket chain Tesco created a pop-up wine bar by the name of ‘Tesco Finest’ in order to help the people of London explore the vast selection of wines that are stocked in the wine aisles of its stores.

Tesco Launched the 'Finest' Pop-Up Wine Bar to Showcase Its Wines

This activation gives customers the chance to learn more about the different types of wines on offer in a relaxed and immersive environment that feels upscale.

At Tesco’s Finest, there’s a menu of about 70 wines that can be sampled for about £3 to £4 per glass, or as part of a wine flight tasting. Experts are stationed on-site in order to answer questions and educate consumers on wine.
Ultimately, Tesco set up the pop-up wine bar as a way to help consumers explore the range of wines available, see and taste the quality for themselves and build brand awareness for Tesco as a destination for fine wine.

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Le service IFTTT « If This Then That » (Si Ceci Alors Cela) constitue une sorte d’assistant pour automatiser diverses tâches quotidiennes entre différents services web, applications mobiles, et objets connectés : Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Par exemple, si je publie un post sur Instagram, je peux faire en sorte qu’il soit automatiquement relayé sur mon compte Twitter.

Paramétrez vos courses grâce à Tesco

En Angleterre, la chaîne de supermarchés Tesco – en partenariat avec If This Then That (IFTTT) – a donc eu l’idée de créer un « IFTTT du shopping » : elle offre la possibilité à ses clients de paramétrer leurs listes de courses en ligne. Les livraisons deviennent alors automatiques en fonction des paramètres souhaités par le client.

Pour pouvoir utiliser ce service, il faut se connecter au service de livraison à domicile du supermarché puis de le fusionner avec son compte IFTTT. Une fois les connexions établies, il n’y a plus qu’à paramétrer ses courses. Un client peut alors ajouter de la glace lorsqu’il fait chaud, il peut recevoir une alerte quand le prix d’un produit est en baisse, il peut prévoir l’ajout de certains produits en fonction du jour de la semaine etc.

Ce service permet aussi aux clients d’échanger leurs paramètres, ainsi Monsieur X peut utiliser les paramétrages de Monsieur Y. Ici le digital permet de simplifier un geste quotidien, faire les courses devient un automatisme propre aux goûts, besoins et envies de chaque personne.

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Supermarket chain Tesco is rolling out its own branded mobile payments application, which is likely to benefit from enhanced loyalty tie-ins, but may struggle as a standalone offering.

Tesco mimics Walmart with plans for branded mobile payments app

The multinational grocery chain is placing its new PayQwiq app in direct competition with mobile commerce heavyweights such as Apple Pay and Android Pay by enabling shoppers in Britain to store their Tesco Clubcard and debit card information and pay for up to £400 worth of products in one trip. Tesco’s decision is likely to prompt other major supermarket brands to perk up and notice, especially since growing numbers of powerful retailers are developing their own branded payment solutions that may offer strong loyalty tie-ins.

“Tesco, as any large merchant brand that interacts with customers with frequency, has an opportunity to convert loyal customers to its payment scheme,” said Jon Squire, CEO and founder of CardFree. “It all boils down to utility and an enhanced experience that combines payment, loyalty, offers and anything else that eases the in-store shopping experience.”

Keeping mcommerce in-house
Tesco shoppers will be able to download the PayQwiq app and use the branded payment service in lieu of Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay, which is facing an imminent rollout in Britain. The supermarket giant is ensuring that PayQwiq differentiates itself from these solutions by letting customers make grocery purchases worth up to £400, a limit that eclipses the £30 limit for Apple Pay users.

Once consumers have picked up all of their groceries, they may present their smartphone to the cashier at the checkout counter. The cashier will scan a QR code within the PayQwiq app that will complete the transaction and automatically add loyalty points to members’ Clubcard accounts. The app, which was developed by Tesco Bank, has been in pilot mode with thousands of the retailer’s shoppers in stores in the Edinburgh and London areas.

Tesco is now expanding the PayQwiq app rollout to approximately 500 stores in Britain. The chain has already begun reaching out to frequent shoppers and inviting them to download the app, as a result of positive feedback stemming from the initial pilot. By introducing a branded payment service, Tesco is keeping a lid on proprietary customer data, which will help evolve future mobile initiatives and also glean valuable insight into purchasing behavior. Branded payment apps also help marketers circumvent some of the costs involved in adopting new technologies across a large number of bricks-and-mortar locations.

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Halloween est une source d’inspiration inépuisable pour les créatifs du monde entier. Pour preuve en est le thème de la collaboration entre l’agence BBH London (avec son studio de production Black Sheep studio) et les supermarchés Tesco.

Un supermarché hanté pour Halloween

Un des magasins rebaptisé “Spookermarket” pour l’occasion, a servi de lieu de terrorisation des clients venus faire leurs courses. Voir leurs réactions devant un caddie bougeant seul, des poissonniers grimés en “poker faces” et une tête sans corps apparent vaut le détour. Tesco prolonge l’expérience en accompagnant la vidéo de tutoriels destinées à produire les mêmes effets chez soi.

Tesco tire profit de cette campagne qui exploite à son avantage la période d’Halloween. La marque se présente comme une enseigne de proximité en mettant ses clients à contribution à leur insu. La vidéo comptabilise plus d’un million de vues en moins d’une semaine.

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