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Ça bouge dans le retail au Royaume-Uni : après l’absorbation de Nisa par Co-op, le leader du marché Tesco va lui aussi augmenter sa part de marché en rachetant le grossiste Booker pour la modique somme de 4,52 milliards d’euros !

Tesco obtient le feu vert pour la fusion de l’année avec Booker

Feu vert pour la fusion
La chaîne de supermarchés britannique Tesco a obtenu le feu vert pour la reprise de son concurrent Booker, acteur important au Royaume-Uni avec ses commerces de gros en libre-service et plus de 5.600 supermarchés. La fusion devrait être finalisée début 2018. Cette reprise permettra à Tesco de renforcer sa position dans le commerce de gros, où pour l’instant sa part de marché est inférieure à 20%. L’autorité de la concurrence britannique CMA n’a émis aucune réserve concernant le deal : à long terme le marché restera suffisamment compétitif et la fusion n’entraînera pas de hausses de prix ou d’appauvrissement de l’offre de services.

Revers de la médaille
Tesco est prêt à mettre 4,52 milliards d’euros sur table en vue d’acquérir Booker, qui outre sa forte position sur le marché offre également à Tesco la possibilité d’étendre considérablement son réseau de points de retrait. Pour rappel : en juillet dernier l’enseigne a annoncé son intention d’élargir son service online en proposant la livraison le jour même dans quasi tout le Royaume-Uni.

Grâce à la reprise de Booker, Tesco sera leader du marché dans son segment, mais toute médaille a son revers. Pour rester compétitif à plus long terme, le groupe britannique a annoncé il y a cinq mois la suppression de 2.300 emplois au siège principal et dans le service clientèle. De plus Tesco a mis en vente ses entreprises d’optique et les ouvertures 24h sur 24 des grandes filiales ont été supprimées.

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The CEO of Tesco insists the supermarket can be as innovative as the likes of HelloFresh and Amazon, and says it is experimenting with new ideas such as meal kits and checkout-free stores.

Tesco is experimenting with meal kits and checkout-free stores like Amazon

Dave Lewis was peppered with questions about competition with Amazon at a press conference in London this week, following Amazon’s acquisition of US grocer Whole Foods earlier this year. Amazon has also been experimenting with checkout-free stores in the US and plans to launch them out in the UK too. Lewis said that Tesco is also looking at this model.

“We’re trial lots and lots of things — the thing you refer to, yes — but we’ll only talk about it when we’ve done it everywhere,” Lewis said.

“The idea that I would come to the market and say, in this one shop we are — I’ve got 3,600 shops. When we’re at a place where we’ve got something we want to launch to all customers, we’ll launch it and we’ll communicate it. We’ve been doing it for a while. Nothing to announce.”

Business Insider also asked Lewis if he was concerned about the rise of subscription meal boxes such as HelloFresh and Gusto that deliver pre-measured ingredients for recipes.

Lewis said: “There’s no reason we couldn’t put together ingredients and serve it to customers as a meal kit in stores if that’s what they want from us. There are a number of trials in our stores about exactly that so we can change our offer if ultimately that’s how customers want us to operate.”

He added: “We test a whole lot.”

Lewis highlighted the success of Tesco Now, the supermarket’s new one-hour delivery service, as an example of a recent successfully launched innovation.

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British supermarket chain Tesco has further expanded its online services and will offer same-day delivery virtually across the entire United Kingdom in an attempt to ward off Amazon Fresh.

Tesco offers same-day delivery for the entire United Kingdom

99 % of families
The company currently only offers same-day delivery in London and the southeast of the United Kingdom, but it will now expand that to 99 % of families, which should give it the broadest reach out of every UK-based retailer. Customers will have to order before 13h to enjoy same-day deliveries, which will arrive after 19h. The fee is between 3 and 8 pounds.

Tesco continues to focus on its online sales, having recently expanded the number of supermarkets that have same-day pick-up options to 300. It even has a one-hour delivery service in the center of London.

Battle with Amazon and discounters
The supermarket chain is clearly preparing for a fight with Amazon and its recently launched Amazon Fresh, which has similar delivery services. The supermarket branch fears the American giant will steal away market share from the four largest chains, which already face tremendous pressure from discounters like Aldi and Lidl.

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The supermarket’s new marketing boss says she hopes the new ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign will prove Tesco is practicing what it preaches.

Tesco takes ‘inside out’ approach as it looks to shop floor workers for inspiration

Tesco’s chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini says each of its ads are now directly inspired by a shop floor colleague, as it moves to an “inside out” marketing approach. Today (2 May), Tesco launched the ‘Little Helps to Healthier Living’ campaign. As part of the campaign, Tesco will lower the price of fruit and vegetables; provide ‘Little Swap’ signposts in-store alerting consumers to healthier alternatives; put fresh fruit at checkouts; and launch two new health-minded TV ads as part of its ongoing ‘Food Love Stories’ campaign. The latter will feature recipes from health-minded chef Derek Sarno.

Running through May, the integrated campaign will also see Tesco provide free diabetes risk assessments and blood pressure check-ups in 375 of its large store pharmacies, as well as support 330 Race for Life events across the UK in partnership with Cancer Research UK. Speaking to Marketing Week, Bellini says the campaign is a bid to ensure Tesco’s marketing is more integrated and purpose-driven.

She says: “We have a responsibility as the nation’s largest greengrocer to do more and this campaign is breaking new ground as it is utilising customers, colleagues and communities at the same time.”

Last summer, Tesco introduced its Free Fruit for Kids initiative, something Bellini says was directly inspired by a colleague. This new approach to marketing means shop floor colleagues have an integral say on advertising narratives, much like an agency would.

“Our colleagues inspire us often and, in fact, a lot of the Food Love Stories come from ideas direct from our colleagues,” she explains. “The plan is to get them to inspire all the advertising we do from now on and feel more engaged.

“Ultimately, if your staff truly feel a part of a campaign – and we’re trying to get our staff involved this time around by offering them health checks and free fruit – it helps a campaign truly come to life.”

Over recent months, Tesco has put forward a more purpose-driven marketing strategy. In March, for example, it launched a campaign talking up its battle to reduce food waste.

This latest campaign sees Tesco working with the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Diabetes UK to donate £1 for every mile a Tesco colleague completes as part of the Tesco Million Mile Challenge. Tesco will match each mile with £1, with a total donation goal of £1 million. Bellini insists these moves are not a gimmick and says Tesco has a commitment for the long-term.

She concludes: “We’ve taken out 8,000 tonnes of sugar, fat and salt from our supply chain – so the real aim is to help people make better, healthier choices. We don’t want to force people, but to show them we are practicing what we preach and that the promises you see in the TV campaign are being executed throughout the business.

“It is interesting to build something from the inside out, instead of [the old way] of just telling people what to do.”

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In this week’s edition of “How could this possibly go wrong”, Target announced today that more than 650 stores across the country will get a Mario Kart makeover in honor of the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch on April 28th.

Target is playing a dangerous game by turning shopping carts into Mario Karts

The promotion will turn some shopping carts into “Super Target Karts” featuring Mario, Luigi, and Peach (sorry Bowser), and shoppers will be greeted by flashing lights and the Super Mario Bros. theme song as they walk past the checkered start line at the store entrance.

If you’d rather not get trampled by teens and/or grown adults racing through the store on their karts, you can catch a glimpse of additional decorations outside the store — Target’s will transform the big, red bollards into disembodied Mario and Luigi heads. Target did a similar promotion last year for the launch of Pokémon Go, painting the bollards like giant Poké Balls.

The experience will only be around for the next few weeks, which hopefully shouldn’t cause too much store damage. I’m probably being overly pessimistic here, but this could be another short-sighted corporate marketing effort that ends up putting more strain on its retail workers — like how the limited-edition Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino drove a fed-up barista to go on a passionate rant on a now deleted Twitter video: “I have never made so many Frappuccinos in my entire life. My hands are completely sticky. I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life!”

Turning shopping carts into Mario Karts and a store into a race track is practically daring shoppers to misbehave. If your local Target has a supermarket section, you should steer clear of it even more, unless you want to slip on an actual banana peel. Though if you do end up getting injured, Target always has band-aids in stock. Marketing!

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Les distributeurs continuent d’innover dans leurs magasins afin de rendre l’expérience plus facile et détendue pour les consommateurs. La dernière action à cet égard a été pris en charge par Tesco au Royaume-Uni. Ce géant du retail de la distribution a testé un projet visant à faciliter l’acte d’achat des clients autistes.

L’heure calme du supermarché

En ce sens, l’initiative est de permettre à un moment de la journée, une heure par jour, la mise en œuvre de diverses pratiques qui permettent de faciliter l’acte d’achat à ce type de consommateur. Par exemple, le magasin Tesco dans la ville de Crawley a mis en place cette initiative tous les samedis de 9h à 10h du matin.

Parmi ces mesures : laisser les portes du magasin ouvertes pendant une heure, éteindre le fil musical qui met l’ambiance dans le magasin, atténuer l’éclairage dans le magasin, ne pas faire des annonces par les haut-parleurs, augmenter le nombre d’employés afin de proposer un service plus dédié aux consommateurs qui se trouvent dans le magasin et éteindre les sèches mains des salles de bains.

Cette initiative appeléeQuiet Time a été apprécié par les clients de Tesco.

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Qui n’aime pas recevoir un cadeau par surprise ? Pendant des décennies, Yves Rocher a eu dans son escarcelle un mailing imbattable : le mailing ‘Papillotes’. A l’intérieur de la grande enveloppe, une petite pochette en cellophane renfermant des papillotes qui, une fois dépliées, se révélaient gagnantes (un cadeau) ou perdantes.

Pourquoi TESCO a déployé des beacons dans 3 000 magasins

Dans sa dernière campagne, Tesco revisite la formule magique de la surprise gagnante… dans une version mobile. Tesco, troisième retailer mondial, vient d’équiper ses 3 000 supermarchés en Thaïlande de beacons. Objectif : emmener ses clients dans une grande chasse aux trésors à chacune de leurs visites – et augmenter ses ventes. Le principe est très simple – et très efficace : le client entre dans un magasin Tesco Lotus muni de l’application mobile Tesco Lotus et reçoit sur l’écran de son smartphone des réductions, coupons et promotions spéciales. Qui refuserait ?

Deux choses rendent le dispositif Tesco unique :

L’espérance de gain
Si l’intérêt commercial d’adresser sur le smartphone des clients en magasin une offre n’est pas nouveau (voir les exemples de IKEA, Maille US, ELLE USA , McDonald’s USA), Tesco transforme le dispositif en une aventure ludique avec espérance de gain pour le client, qui se dit « tout le monde n’y a pas droit, mais avec un peu de chance je ne suis pas à l’abri de recevoir sur mon téléphone une réduction au détour d’un rayon… ». Imparable pour faire télécharger une appli retail et multiplier les occasions de s’en servir.

La communication
Tesco a frappé un grand coup. Parce que le nombre d’applications téléchargées conditionne la réussite de la campagne, Tesco, conseillé par son agence 3DS Interactive, a produit un film vidéo parodique (vu 574 377 fois sur Youtube) qui, loin des films éducatifs classiques, tourne en dérision à la fois employés Tesco et consommateurs. on voit une armée d’employés de Tesco, tels des gangsters, poser des beacons la nuit.

A l’ouverture du magasin, ces mêmes personnes surveillent devant leurs écrans de contrôle les réactions de clients hilares partant à la chasse aux bonnes affaires dans les allées du supermarché. Tandis qu’un Tesco boy incite sur grand écan à télécharger l’appli.

Ce faisant, Tesco Lotus montre à tous les utilisateurs de son appli comment se préparer à recevoir gratuitement des récompenses, en présentant l’application comme un outil ludique et gratifiant. L’appli Tesco, qui inclus d’autres services (trouver l’adresse d’un magasin à proximité, détenir sa Clubcard dématérialisée, gérer ses livraisons…) est « all inclusive » et prend soin du client Tesco de bout en bout, depuis son domicile jusque dans les rayons.

Nombre d’utilisateurs de l’appli : 2 millions par mois
Nombre de coupons et contenus distribués: dix millions (promotions, offres spéciales et contenus marques).

Quand l’espérance de gain devient un jeu. Certaines marques déplorent un faible nombre de téléchargements de leur appli. Parfois l’explication tient au simple fait que le client se demande « qui a-t-il pour moi dans cette appli ? »  lorsqu’il découvre que l’appli n’est une pâle copie du site mobile.

Pourtant les enseignes pionnières dans le mobile marketing, Sephora, Urban Outfitters, Walmart – pour ne citer qu’eux – ne pourraient plus se passer de leur appli qui leur génèrent des ventes additionnelles, grâce à de vrais services intégrés. Depuis que Walmart a intégré un service de comparaison des prix dans son appli Savings Catcher, son nombre de téléchargements est parti en flèche (27,8M d’utilisateurs au total, selon Comscore ).

La voie suivie par Tesco – conditionner la réduction à une action volontaire et fun de la part du consommateur au lieu d’accède sans rien faire à une réduction, est une voie intéressante à tester. Pour Tesco, c’est tout vu.

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In a continuation its efforts to fight food waste, British retailer Tesco has announced a new online ‘food waste hotline’.

Tesco UK Introduces Online Food Waste Hotline

The initiative will allow Tesco suppliers and growers to highlight recurring food waste issues in the supply chain, via its online Supplier Network resource. The grocer said that such food waste is a ‘significant proportion’ of total food waste produced in the UK. As Tesco has pledged to halving all of its UK food waste by 2025, it wishes to work closely with suppliers to stop food waste at the source, it said.

One example involved the simultaneous ripening of strawberry crops after an overly-warm summer. To avoid waste, Tesco took the whole crop and offered large boxes of strawberries at a low price, in hope of decreasing food waste.

No Time For Waste
Matt Simister, commercial director of fresh Food and commodities, commented, “At Tesco, we have no time for waste, and we are committed to reducing food waste wherever it occurs, from farm to fork.

“The ‘food waste hotline’ is another little help we are making to achieve this with our suppliers. It helps our suppliers gain direct, easy access to our Product teams, and this will enable us to identify food waste hotspots and systemic issues and work in partnership to tackle them.”

The initiative is part of Tesco’s ‘No time for waste campaign’, which has included a crowd-funding platform for food-waste busting ideas, as well as the Left-Yeovers range created in partnership with organic dairy company Yeo Valley, which uses imperfect or excess fruit in its products.

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A Tesco store in Scotland has introduced a “relaxed lane” aimed at creating a less stressful checkout line for less able customers.

Tesco figures

In conjuction with Alzheimer Scotland, the initiative sees staff at the Forres site trained to identify special needs customers and operate at a more suitable speed.The pilot scheme currently operates on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

“We want them to be confident they can shop at their own pace,” Forres Tesco employee Kerry Speed told the BBC.

“It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout, and it struck me that this could be true for others as well.

“Early feedback from customers has been very positive. Although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference.”

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David ha conquistato sua moglie cucinandole il pollo speziato al curry e fingendo di condividere con lei la passione per il cibo piccante, che in realtà lui non ama affatto. Dopo anni di matrimonio, David ancora prepara la stessa ricetta aggiungendo di nascosto una salsa yogurt per stemperare il sapore. Maria non ha ancora scoperto il suo piccolo segreto.


È questa la prima video-storia d’amore e cibo appena lanciata da Tesco come parte della nuova campagna Food Love Stories, la più imponente dal 2015. In programma, oltre allo spot di David e Maria, sei ulteriori racconti con diffusione televisiva, online, radio e outdoor.

La catena della gdo inglese guarda così a una comunicazione capace di ricreare un legame emozionale con l’audience e le famiglie. L’associazione ricercata è quella tra qualità degli affetti e qualità alimentare, con riposizionamento dell’identity su questo asset. Si punta così a un’immagine più premium, calda e di prossimità.

La campagna porta la firma di Bartle Bogle Hegarty London e dei direttori creativi Kevin Stark e AK Parker.