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French selective perfumery retailer Sephora has launched its app on Google Assistant, a virtual personal assistant capable of helping its users in a number of tasks, by searching for information on a smartphone or the web. 

Sephora launches voice assistant app

Sephora’s is one of the first apps available on Google Assistant, after the launch in France of the Actions on Google platform, which allows certain apps to be voice-controlled, without installing them on a smartphone.

“The use of voice assistants and more recently of voice-activated loudspeakers has turned out to be more than just a fad. It’s paving the way to a minor digital revolution, of which Sephora wants to be a pioneer. With these first functionalities, and the collaboration with Google, we plan to test the potential and the customers’ reactions to voice-assisted retailing,” said Anne-Véronique Baylac, in charge of digital at Sephora Europe and Middle East. As evidence of the major role that virtual assistants could play in the future, Sephora underlined how in 2016, in the USA alone, 49 million people used voice assistants, and 10 million voice-controlled speakers were sold.

The first functionalities available on Google Assistant for Sephora are the possibility to book beauty services, to play quiz games and to listen to beauty podcasts, curated weekly by influencers chosen by the retailer. Further functionalities will be introduced in 2018.

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New Sephora concept stores have opened in Spain and France, hinting at the LVMH-owned cosmetics retailer’s future design direction.

Sephora concept stores debut in France and Spain

Unashamedly targeting millennials, the brand is trying to increase dwell time in-store and encourage younger shoppers to buy into perfume. First introduced in France, the hyper-connected stores bring customers what Sephora describes as “a unique beauty experience in an unprecedented service-driven environment, perfectly expressing the beauty retailer’s play, share and shop philosophy”.

Following the tremendous success of two pilot stores opened in March in Nantes and Val d’Europe in France, Sephora has brought its new store concept to Spain. This new concept revolves around a fascinating variety of services, letting Sephora offer a groundbreaking beauty experience, transforming beauty shopping in Spain, where the brand has been present since 1998,” the company said in a statement. The new design engages customers right from the entrance, with a giant slide for shoppers who are happy to eschew escalators or the piano stairway.

“As at the two French pilot stores, these newest concept stores include a trend zone with a selection of hot new products, a beauty hub for personalised advice and beauty classes to learn about specific makeup topics. With four distinct experience spaces – compared with one or two at classic stores – the new concept stores give customers access to an expanded range of brands, from the latest on-trend products from South Korea to para-pharmaceutical products, and engage with a broader audience, especially millennials.”

New services include the Dry Bar by Rizos for a 15-minute hairstyle touch-up and the Drops fragrance experience, designed to introduce younger customers to perfume by letting them personalise the bottle of their chosen fragrance in a fun, interactive way.

“With these two new concept stores Sephora introduces a groundbreaking shopping experience in Spain, as the brand continues to expand the concept throughout Europe, adapting it to each country for an even more exclusive experience,” the company said.

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Prosegue l’espansione dell’insegna Sephora che continua le aperture sul territorio puntando su un format in grado di coniugare tradizione e innovazione.


Il nuovo negozio sarà realizzato all’interno del centro commerciale Mondojuve di Nichelino, in provincia di Torino. Il brand francese, appartenente al gruppo Lvmh, inaugurerà lo store il 7 settembre. La struttura si sviluppa su uno spazio di circa 250 mq, con l’iconico decor bianco e nero e una planimetria pensata per valorizzare la shopping experience.

Pronto alla riapertura anche il beauty store Sephora di Monza in Via Italia 48 che, dopo una breve chiusura dovuta ai lavori di restyling,  riapre i battenti il 7 settembre.

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Le fabricant de cosmétiques Sephora a lancé un nouveau concept de magasin plus petit aux Etats-Unis. Jusqu’à présent, l’entreprise misait surtout sur des magasins de grande taille, mais elle va donc également expérimenter à plus petite échelle.

Beauty giant launches new store concept

La moitié de la taille d’un magasin traditionnel
Le premier établissement du concept Sephora Studio a déjà ouvert ses portes à Boston. L’objectif est de déployer le concept dans l’ensemble des Etats-Unis. Le magasin a une superficie de 185 mètres carrés et est ainsi beaucoup plus petit qu’un magasin Sephora traditionnel qui a une superficie de près de 500 mètres carrés.

Dans le nouveau concept, on retrouvera une série d’éléments numérique et l’attention sera davantage axée sur l’expérience personnelle du client. Il sera également possible d’y placer des commandes en ligne qui seront livrées sur place. Les vendeuses disposeront d’un appareil mobile pour pouvoir conseiller les clients plus rapidement. Une nécessité puisque l’offre y est plus petite que celle dans les enseignes traditionnelles.

Répondre aux nouvelles tendances
Sephora Studio proposera également des services one-on-one durant lesquels les clients seront aidés par les collaborateurs Sephora les mieux formés. Le Custom Makeover Plus est un de ces nouveaux services qui propose un relooking de 75 minutes durant lequel le client recevra tous les conseils nécessaires en matière de soins de la peau.

Avec ce nouveau concept, Sephora souhaite surtout répondre au groupe toujours plus important de consommateurs qui sont moins intéressés par la visite de grands centres commerciaux et qui préfèrent être aidés au niveau local, souvent là où il y a moins d’espace pour de grands magasins. C’est pour cette raison que Sephora a décidé de lancer un concept de plus petite taille.

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Sephora continues to experiment with store formats, and this time it’s going smaller.

Beauty giant launches new store concept

The beauty retailer has opened a new concept, called Sephora Studio, on Newbury Street in Boston, designed to provide a very customized shopping experience, one that drives personal connections with customers. At 2,000 sq. ft., it is the brand’s smallest store in North America, and features a variety of digital tools to optimize customer experiences before, during and after their visit. Among them are digital welcome and service menu screens for easy navigation and self-help, and mobile-equipped sales assistants (“beauty advisors”) who can quickly assist customers with appointment check in, look up their rewards status, and retrieve ratings and reviews on any product throughout the store.

The Studio promises a high level of service, with all sales assistants having the highest level of certification employees can earn from Sephora. The space includes a “beauty studio” that offers on-demand, one-on-one services, including 45-minute makeovers and 15-minute mini-facials.

Additionally, it is the first Sephora to offer two new services: a a 75-minute custom makeover that includes either  a skincare consultation or mini facial; and a Studio Concierge, a specially appointed store consultant who, among other things, will match a customer with the appropriate consultant based on beauty need.

The store also features two omnichannel product delivery options: order in store, and same day pick up, With order In store, sales assistants can place a customer order through, with complimentary standard shipping or reduced next day shipping.
For those who want products faster, the store will partner with Sephora’s location at nearby Prudential Center to offer same day pick up. Starting in October, Boston area consumers can purchase on products their device via the Sephora app and pick it up at the Prudential Center location the same day.

“In today’s retail environment where very little is constant and clients’ expectations are ever-evolving, one thing has remained true for Sephora: There is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach to beauty,” said Calvin McDonald, president and CEO of Sephora Americas. “The Studio merges the best of an inclusive neighborhood retail environment with best-in-class digital tools that enable our expert beauty advisors to customize recommendations on an individual basis.” The Boston store comes on the heels of the opening of Sephora’s largest store in North America on Manhattan’s 34th Street.

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Beauty industry titan Sephora lets consumers pitch their own beauty product ideas in a new consumer-driven initiative that’s attempting to revolutionize product development.

Sephora Lets Consumers Pitch Their Own Beauty Product Ideas

By teaming up with its online platform, Volition, consumers were enabled to submit their ideas for beauty products. The ideas are encouraged to be things users have searched up and not been able to find, or products they’d like to see undergo a makeover. Users are encouraged to ‘shop’ through other people’s idea submissions, voting for the best ones to increase Sephora’s awareness of the demand. The consumer-led project aims to result in the conception of high quality beauty products people really want.

Community-driven beauty is a new industry innovation speaking to the growing market for personalized beauty products and customized skincare routines

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Le centre commercial Val d’Europe s’agrandit, se rénove et accueille la « New Sephora Experience », le nouveau concept de magasin Sephora.

Sephora invente l’expérience beauté de demain

Le groupe Klépierre a inauguré officiellement le 26 avril 2017 l’extension (+19 %, soit 105 000 m2 de surface totale) et la rénovation de son centre commercial Val d’Europe, pôle commercial leader du Grand Est parisien. Dix-sept ans après son ouverture en 2000, Val d’Europe reste le vaisseau amiral du groupe avec une croissance ininterrompue de son activité (500 M€ de CA aujourd’hui, 700M€ attendus après extension), accueillant 17 millions de visiteurs par an, avec une attractivité encore renforcée par l’ouverture du dimanche. « Le centre commercial Val d’Europe est le concept le plus abouti du groupe Klépierre » se félicite Guillaume Lapp, directeur général C.C. France du groupe Klépierre. « Il est devenu le laboratoire du groupe pour le marketing en termes de services, d’animations avec 250 jours d’animation en 2017, d’offre restauration, d’utilisation des nouvelles technologies pour améliorer encore la relation avec le client ».

Une trentaine de nouvelles enseignes dont Primark, Uniqlo, Rituals, Bershka, Springfield, Havaianas, Lola Jones (pour la première fois dans un centre commercial) et une offre restauration renforcée (avec des kiosques de restauration dont Les Petits Producteurs By Thierry Marx) ont investi les 17 000 m2 de l’extension, dominés par une spectaculaire voûte de verre et d’acier habillée du plus grand lustre OLED d’Europe (6 000 points lumineux).

La New Sephora Experience
Il ne faut donc pas s’étonner que l’enseigne Sephora ait choisi son magasin du centre commercial Val d’Europe pour en faire le pilote de son nouveau concept, intitulé en interne la « New Sephora Experience ». Design avant-gardiste ultra-stylé, services renforcés, parcours omni-canal, expérience client intensifiée, relation client réinventée,…

« L’ambition de notre nouveau concept de magasin, c’est vraiment d’inventer l’expérience beauté de demain. Encore plus d’émotion, encore plus de services, encore plus de nouveauté. Pour ce projet stratégique, le choix de Val d’Europe s’est vite imposé : un très beau centre, une clientèle qualitative, des équipes Klépierre qui ont envie de faire bouger le retail », fait remarquer Stéphane Delva, directrice marketing Sephora Europe & Moyen-Orient. « L’explosion du mobile a amplifié le besoin de digitalisation des services et de renforcer la stratégie omni-canal de Sephora », explique l’enseigne.

Les Millennials, hyper-connectés, à fond dans un esprit communautaire et de partage quand ils font du shopping y trouveront les outils digitaux les plus Waou ».

Tout commence dès l’entrée, avec une vitrine interactive, véritable extension du magasin, qui permet de s’immerger et se familiariser avec l’univers Sephora en jouant (un jeu qui donne l’occasion de gagner des produits en magasin). Le centre névralgique du magasin est le Beauty Hub, un spot digital invitant et communautaire qui permet au moyen d’ipads de découvrir, apprendre, jouer et partager ses coups de cœur beauté (tutos, making off, look book virtuel, produits du mois, Color Profile, Virtual Artist, Beauty Board, Beauty Classes,…). Des bornes connectées donnent accès à l’ensemble de l’assortiment disponible sur le site internet. Tout a été conçu pour satisfaire une clientèle au parcours client toujours plus omni-canal : web to store, store to web, commande en ligne depuis le magasin, etc…

En même temps que le magasin pilote de Val d’Europe, Sephora a ouvert celui de Nantes dans le centre commercial Atlantis. Le nouveau concept « New Sephora Experience » sera déployé en France au fur et à mesure des rénovations de magasins, ainsi qu’en Europe et aux Etats-Unis. En mars 2017, la « New Sephora Experience » a été introduite dans deux magasins phares à New-York, celui de la 5ème Avenue et celui de la 34ème Rue.

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After launching on 31st March in New York a new, highly digitized store concept, Sephora is now testing a similar experiential retail format in France, going the ‘phygital’ route and focusing on forging tighter relationships with customers. The New Sephora Experience concept has been deployed in two pilot stores in France: inside the Nantes Atlantis shopping mall from 24th March, and at the Val d’Europe shopping centre from 31st March.

Sephora tests new 'phygital' store concept in France

“The New Sephora Experience is a new generation of Sephora stores – more attractive and more captivating – which entirely reinvents the customer experience,” touted the LVMH group’s beauty retailer in a press release, adding that the heart of the store is the Beauty Hub, a digitally connected area in which customers are encouraged to “discover, learn, play and share their beauty,” wrote Sephora. Via dedicate iPad stations, visitors can benefit from a bespoke beauty prescription, learn from tutorials or find their personal colour palette, with or without the advice of the in-store make-up expert. There are also monitors through which customers can search the entire Sephora range, and at Val d’Europe a life-size mirror/screen for trialling out virtual make-up styles.

As for skincare, Sephora has launched the Skin Patch service: thanks to a facial patch, beauty consultants are able to determine the customer’s skin type and give targeted advice on suitable products. Group courses on specific themes can also be run at the Beauty Hub.

To enhance the brand’s reputation and the loyalty of its customers, the retailer, which operates more than 2,400 stores in 33 countries, is also focusing on the social media community. An in-store Beauty Board showcases pictures, looks and products liked and shared by Sephora aficionados on Facebook, Instagram and their ilk.

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Sephora is ramping up its conquest of the Americas. The brand already boasts 430 stores in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, plus another 600 corners in JCPenney stores. On March 30, the French retailer owned by LVMH opened its largest store yet in the region, located on 34th Street in downtown Manhattan. The sales floor comprises 11,300 square feet, fully digitized and stocked with some 13,300 products.

Sephora installe à New York son plus grand magasin américain

“Sephora opened in the US 19 years ago with our first store in Soho,” said Calvin McDonald, President and CEO of SEPHORA Americas. “It’s fitting that as we round out almost two decades, we return to New York City to celebrate our largest and most unique beauty experience with the opening of our new 34th Street store.” The Sephora Americas subsidiary is headquartered in San Francisco, but also has offices in New York, Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto and Sao Paulo.

The company is the number one beauty and fragrance retailer in the U.S. (ahead of Macy’s), but is also a leader on New York’s most famous island. “Sephora continues to dominate the Manhattan beauty retail landscape with 15 freestanding stores in New York City,” touted the brand in a statement about the NY store openings. A few days earlier, Sephora reopened its 5th Avenue store (9,000 square feet), which it has also converted to its new experiential concept store format, dubbed “Beauty Tip (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshop.”

The store concept already made its debut last year in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto and Chicago. The redesigned retail environment’s strategy to attract and retain customers relies on a lot of digital bells and whistles as well as personalization. The store is designed to be a fully immersive shopping experience, equipped with a battery of high tech areas such as the Beauty Studio and the Skincare Studio. The store also promotes an educational approach with the Beauty Workshop, an area equipped with 26 tablet stations where customers can find tips, tutorials, determine their color palette or book a treatment.

The 34th Street store will also debut a Moisture Meter, “an exclusive new digital tool that accurately measures the amount of moisture in the skin to aid in the selection products prior to services.” The Fragrance Studio lets customers explore 18 scent families to help identify their own skin’s scent group. “Tap and Try” end caps give customers the chance to try on makeup virtually just by scanning the product barcode. The device displays the customer’s image on the screen as he or she would look wearing whatever product is being sampling.

Sephora’s digital and omnichannel strategy also includes a mobile app, as well as the 2016 roll out of its e-shop in six new countries, including Spain. The idea is to create a beauty community in store, on the e-store and through social media.

Sephora operates 2,400 stores in 33 countries, and opened 100 store around the world in 2016. LVMH says the retailer achieved double-digit growth in sales and earnings over the past year, but did not disclose specific figures.

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Avec plus de 430 magasins à l’enseigne en Amérique du Nord (Etats-Unis, Canada, Mexique, ainsi qu’au Brésil) auxquels s’additionnent 600 corners au sein des grands magasins JCPenney, Sephora a su conquérir ce continent sur lequel elle accélère encore.

Sephora installe à New York son plus grand magasin américain

L’entreprise française appartenant à LVMH a ainsi inauguré le 30 mars son plus grand point de vente de la zone à New York, sur la 34e rue. Une surface de vente de 1 050 mètres carrés, totalement digitalisée et proposant 13 300 références produit. « Sephora a ouvert son premier magasin aux Etats-Unis il y a 19 ans, à SoHo. Cela allait de soi que presque deux décennies plus tard, nous retournions à New York pour célébrer notre plus grande et unique expérience beauté, avec l’ouverture du magasin de la 34e rue », se félicite Calvin McDonald, président et CEO de Sephora Americas, filiale dont le siège est situé à San Francisco, mais qui possède aussi des bureaux à New York, Mexico, Montréal, Toronto et São Paulo.

Se revendiquant numéro un de la distribution en parfumerie et cosmétiques aux Etats-Unis (devant Macy’s), l’enseigne s’érige aussi en leader sur l’île principale de New York. « Sephora continue de dominer le secteur de la distribution beauté à Manhattan, avec 15 magasins », affirme-t-elle dans un communiqué. Quelques jours plus tôt, Sephora avait rouvert son magasin de la 5e avenue (835 mètres carrés), lui aussi converti au nouveau concept baptisé « Beauty TIP (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshop ».

Dévoilé l’an passé à San Francisco, Boston, Toronto et Chicago, ce nouveau format mise donc avant tout sur le digital en magasin et la personnalisation pour séduire et fidéliser ses clients. Un concept shopping à 360 degrés abritant une batterie de dispositifs high tech, dont le Beauty Studio, le Skincare Studio et le Beauty Workshop. Ce dernier réunit 26 postes équipés d’une tablette, sur laquelle les clients peuvent glaner des conseils, découvrir des tutoriels, définir leur palette de couleurs ou encore réserver un soin.

Grande première chez Sephora, le magasin de la 34e met à disposition un « Moisture Meter », un appareil capable de calculer le taux d’hydratation de la peau afin de sélectionner le meilleur soin selon les profils dermatologiques des consommateurs. Le « Fragrance Studio » permet quant à lui d’identifier sa famille olfactive préférée grâce à un système de diffusion d’odeurs à air pulsé, tandis que le dispositif « Tap and Try » propose d’essayer virtuellement du maquillage – sur un écran dédié renvoyant sa propre image – en scannant directement le code-barre du produit.

La stratégie digitale – et omnicanale – de Sephora passe également par le développement de son application mobile, mais aussi par l’ouverture en 2016 de son e-shop à six nouveaux pays, dont l’Espagne. Avec pour but de fédérer une communauté beauté, en magasin, sur la boutique en ligne et via les réseaux sociaux.

Comptant plus de 2 400 boutiques réparties dans 33 pays, Sephora a ouvert plus de 100 magasins dans le monde en 2016 et annonce une croissance à deux chiffres de ses ventes et de ses bénéfices sur l’année écoulée, sans toutefois les dévoiler.

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