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Rebecca Minkoff’s Self-Checkout Solution is Powered by QueueHop.

Mobile Self-Payment Systems

Affordable luxury fashion label and leader in digital innovation Rebecca Minkoff, recently launched a self-checkout system in its SoHo flagship store as of the first of December in 2016.

The self-serve checkout experience has been completely redesigned with QueueHop, a “RFID-enabled apparel security tag that disables anti-theft security after mobile payment.” For the project, QueueHop worked exclusively with Rebecca Minkoff’s design and technology teams.

Rebecca Minkoff’s Store of the Future concept originally launched in 2014, with plans to eventually introduce a self-checkout option. While self-checkout technology is commonly seen at grocery stores and other retail environments, part of the challenge of implementing it across fashion stores has been the potential for theft. QueueHop gives shoppers, particularly Millennials, complete control of their shopping experience, while also prioritizing loss prevention.

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Mirror, mirror in her hand, is Rebecca Minkoff one of the most innovative retailers in the land?


The specialty retailer is inching closer to this title as it brings its store-level smart mirror experience into its shoppers hands through a new app. Specifically, the app from Zeekit allows consumers to virtually “try on” fashions before buying online or trying them on in-store.

After uploading a full-body picture into the app, shoppers tap a product they see online, in print or in store, and it is displayed on their actual body image. The item can be mixed and matched with fashions in their virtual closet; shared with friends, or purchased through a link in the app.

“At Rebecca Minkoff, the integration of technology and style is paramount,” said Uri Minkoff, the chain’s CEO and co-founder. “Technology that enables the consumer to virtually try on a garment and give her the chance to access the feel of our product with immediacy is technology made for the Rebecca Minkoff girl.”

Launched during New York Fashion Week, consumers viewing runway styles either on-site at the Rebecca Minkoff show, online at the Rebecca Minkoff website, or through the Zeekit app were able to tap the product, virtually try it on, share it with friends and purchase it, a company statement reported.

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Une boutique de la marque Rebecca Minkoff propose à ses clients de cumuler les avantages de l’e-shopping et de la boutique physique.

A New York, un magasin de vêtements fusionne expérience réelle et virtuelle

Située au cœur de SoHo, la boutique Rebecca Minkoff propose une fusion inédite entre expérience physique et e-commerce. Les clients découvrent les produits du magasin sur un écran tactile qui leur permet de consulter le contenu connecté liés aux articles. Défilés de mode, avis sur les réseaux sociaux… il leur suffit alors de cliquer pour que l’article soit envoyé immédiatement en cabine, prêt à être essayé.

Une fois en cabine, un second écran tactile permet le cas échéant de faire venir une autre taille, ou d’obtenir directement les conseils d’un vendeur. Les conditions d’essayages (éclairage, luminosité) sont également modifiables afin de coller au plus près à la réalité des moments où le vêtement sera porté. Le tout est enfin enregistré sur le compte shopping du client.

La boutique propose ainsi une véritable expérience de réalité augmentée, au cours de laquelle expériences physique et virtuelle se complètent. En adaptant l’expérience client aux préférences de ce dernier, le magasin Rebecca Minkoff donne une bonne raison à son public-cible de se rendre au magasin physique. La synthèse de l’immédiateté du magasin et de la souplesse de l’achat en ligne lui promet un gain de temps couplé à un conseil personnalisé. Le concept connaît déjà un certain succès : Rebecca Minkoff affirme enregistrer à cette adresse un taux de conversion supérieur a une boutique classique.

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The flagship Rebecca Minkoff store in New York City is adding a touch of digital to the offline shopping experience.


Connected fashion store adds online features to high street shopping

Nowadays, brick and mortar stores are having to compete with the new experiences being offered by online retailers. We’ve already seen Amsterdam’s Karl Lagerfeld Store introduce new tech to engage customers, such as the ability to make and share their own lookbook in-store. Now the flagship Rebecca Minkoff store in New York City is also bringing a touch of digital to the offline shopping experience.

As well enabling customers to browse the collection in store, the outlet has newly installed a large touchscreen mirror that can be used to watch catwalk videos, social content and shop items from the Rebecca Minkoff website. If there’s an item they want to try on, they can select it through the touchscreen mirror and have it immediately sent to the fitting room. They can also order a drink while they wait.

Once in the changing room, another touchscreen mirror helps shoppers customize a one-on-one styling session. They can tap the mirror to call for some advice or request a different size item. They can also adjust the lighting settings to reflect different environments and times of the day. Finally, shoppers can choose the save their session to their Rebecca Minkoff online account, so they can seamlessly continue shopping online.

Watch the video below to learn more about the store:

Are there other online shopping features that could be brought into the brick and mortar retail space?

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