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There have been plenty of temporary pop-ups and in-store cafes launched over the years to celebrate the public’s obsession with Nutella, but the Nutella Cafe will set itself apart as the first-ever official, permanent location in the world.

The Nutella Cafe is Soon Opening Its Doors in Chicago

The Nutella Cafe will soon be opening in Chicago, with a menu that features seasonal treats like the fruit crostata, Nutella gelato, as well as grilled baguettes topped with toasted hazelnuts. Although many will flock to the location to sample a variety of sweet treats, there are also plenty of savory items on the menu, including soups, paninis and salads.

As the Nutella Cafe will be the first in the world to be opened by Ferreo, it will offer an entirely new way to enjoy the nutty spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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