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(Author : Barbara Santamaria)
British brand Hunter has opened a greenhouse-inspired pop-up in Grand Central complete with mist, moss and the sound of rain to showcase its rainwear pieces in the environment they were designed for.

Hunter opens pop-up in NYC's Grand Central Terminal

Launched on Sunday 22 and open for four days, the pop-up installation can be entered from Vanderbilt Hall. The traditional British glass-roofed greenhouse celebrates Hunter’s heritage as a Scottish brand and its famous weatherproof pieces. This is the first wet weather installation to take over Grand Central Terminal, which is visited by more than 750,000 people every day.

“Combining our pioneering Scottish heritage with a contemporary and playful approach to rainwear, we have built an immersive environment for the customer that we hope will transport them back to our roots,” says Alasdhair Willis about the installation.

“We wanted to celebrate Hunter’s relationship with wet weather essentials by bringing a piece of our British heritage to an iconic location in New York. The authenticity, values and versatility of the collection is what has made it such a success to date and we want to showcase that – we’ve harnessed new materials from lightweight rubber to fully showerproof cotton and developed a seasonless, unisex collection that challenges the standard connotations of rain.” Displayed at the pop-up and surrounded by the feel of the Scottish Highlands, is the brand’s bestselling weatherproof line, Hunter Original Core Concept.

The collection was first introduced in Autumn/Winter 2016 and includes the Original Tall rain boot, durable rubberised outerwear, lightweight vinyl outerwear and the bestselling Original Backpack.

The pieces come in a kaleidoscopic colour palette, with new additions this season including insulating layering pieces such as the Original Midlayer Jacket and the Original Midlayer Gilet.

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Boot brand Hunter has created “the brand’s ultimate retail experience” in Japan, creating a 3,100 sq ft store in the new Ginza G5 development in Tokyo.

Hunter exports store design to Tokyo with added Japanese twist

The store has been designed by Checkland Kindleysides in collaboration with Hunter creative director Alasdhair Wills. The same team developed the brand’s London branch, the influence of which is clear in the Ginza store. “The store is designed to amplify the experience to the Japanese market, creating a less literal and more ethereal version of the original concept with more potent and distilled brand gestures,” says Checkland Kindleysides creative director Joe Evans.

Hunter exports store design to Tokyo with added Japanese twist1

Alasdhair Will says, “Japan is one of the most important and exciting markets for Hunter. We wanted our first Japanese store and our second global flagship to be right in the heart of Tokyo – a city which I feel reflects the vibrancy and innovation that is inherent to Hunter.”

Shoppers enter the store through an imaginary forest, sheltered by a barn-style roof. Replica silver birch trunks pierce the ceiling to the first floor, where they reach up to an illuminated cloud-printed lightbox, a 570 sq ft representation of the sky.

Features from the London store have been repeated in Japan, including doors from modern agricultural buildings and a traditional English box-hedge garden made from LED blocks and an artificial turf floor.

A multi sensory element comes via a 4m high digital screen which delivers exclusive content from Hunter campaigns, films and events, as well as live event broadcasts from around the world. Regular weather updates emphasise the brand’s relationship with the UK’s infamous weather. An accompanying soundscape for each update echoes throughout the store.

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(Auteur : Cajsa Lykke Carlson)
Le Britannique Hunter, connu pour ses bottes en caoutchouc et dont la création est dirigée par Alasdhair Willis, prévoit d’ouvrir « un certain nombre » de magasins sur ses marchés clés au cours de 2016.

Hunter ouvrira plusieurs flagships, mais délaisse la Fashion Week de Londres

Toutefois, après quatre défilés, la marque ne sera pas présente à la Fashion Week de Londres, traduisant une volonté de s’éloigner du calendrier traditionnel de la mode pour mieux se concentrer sur une « authentique connexion avec les festivals de musique ».

Le directeur créatif de Hunter, Alasdhair Willis, a ainsi déclaré : « Hunter a entrepris un voyage incroyable au cours de ces deux dernières années, créant un réel dynamisme alors même que nous traversons notre 160e année. Pendant cette importante période de transformation, nous avons réalisé quatre défilés à la Fashion week de Londres qui ont défini notre marque. Forts de ce succès, et en poursuivant notre engagement pour l’innovation, il est maintenant temps d’aller de l’avant. »

La griffe a ouvert son premier flagship a Londres l’année dernière. Alasdhair Willis a déclaré : « L’ouverture de magasins en propre dans des villes clés nous permet d’accueillir le consommateur mondialisé dans l’univers de la marque Hunter. Le succès de notre magasin sur Regent Street, qui présente la gamme complète des articles Hunter, témoigne de l’évolution de notre marque… Nous ouvrirons un flagship à Tokyo en mars, suivi de près par New York et Hong Kong. »

Les ventes du groupe ont progressé de  17 % sur l’exercice 2014, atteignant 95,7 millions de livres (132,1 millions d’euros).

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