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Chanel has opened its first dedicated cosmetics and perfume boutique in Vietnam.

Chanel opens first cosmetic boutique in Vietnam

Opting to debut in Ho Chi Minh City, the new store is located on the ground of the capital’s Saigon Centre shopping mall. Covering 133 square metres, the Chanel shop is designed with a tri-colour theme of black, beige, and burgundy.

The Vietnamese outlet will sell Chanel’s latest makeup, skincare, and perfume collections – with special emphasis on the ‘Les Exclusifs de Chanel’ perfume collection with 16 scents. Local customers are also privy to Chanel’s special skincare service called Sublimage from Chanel beauty team. Chanel’s Vietnam cosmetic store opening signals the French fashion house’s continued push in to Asia, a market that is growing.

In March, Chris Leung joined Chanel as rewards manager, Asia Pacific. Based in Hong Kong, Leung has his five years rewards experience as regional reward manager for Asia Pacific at Oxford University Press.

According to Euromonitor International, Vietnam’s cosmetics market is vastly made up of imported foreign products, namely from South Korea, Europe and the US, accounting for 90% of the local market.

A recent report from the Trade Map of ITC (International Trade Centre) and the World Bank showed that Vietnam imported $1.1 billion worth of foreign brand cosmetics in 2016, with the figure expected to double by 2020 to $2.2 billion.

Perfume topped the list of biggest cosmzetics items, accounting for 55% of total imports, followed by makeup products, which account for 21%.

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Japanese sports brand Mizuno has launched its first US store, unveiling its ‘Experience Center’ at The Battery Atlanta.

Mizuno opens first US store

Designed to be an immersive environment that tells the Mizuno story through its gear, the Experience Center engages guests through interactive displays using RFID technology and specialised labs for each sport that allow guests the ability to touch, test and then purchase gear custom fit for them.

“Our goal is to provide a personalised and customised experience in a premium, one-of-a-kind environment,” said Mark O’Brien, president & officer of Mizuno USA & chairman of Mizuno Canada.

“The Mizuno Experience Center gives athletes the ability to find the right gear that optimises their performance and meets their personal preferences. This is the only Mizuno centre of its kind in the western hemisphere and will enable the millions of athletes from across the nation visiting The Battery Atlanta to experience Mizuno like never before.”

Throughout the year, the Mizuno Experience Center will host a variety of public and private events and professional athlete appearances in addition to visits by the Mizuno craftsman (glove and bats), Mizuno Golf Tour truck, Atlanta artists and advanced exclusives of the latest premium Mizuno gear.

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Samsung Canada has announced plans for a new flagship retail location, aimed at telling more of the story around its entire portfolio.The brand says the experiential store in Toronto will be more omnichannel focused than others in global markets.  

Samsung to open new Canadian retail flagship

Samsung’s locations in Canada typically just focus on mobile and TV, but the new location in downtown Toronto, set to open at the end of summer, is meant to establish the brand’s full internet of things story, says Patricia Heath, VP of retail excellence at Samsung Canada. The 21,000-square-foot store is set apart from the brand’s other locations in both scale and scope, she says.

Among its major differences will be a demo kitchen – a Canadian first – to showcase its connected appliances and offer cooking demonstrations. The idea is to offer a “digital playground” to allow consumers to experience their passions, such as cooking, in an environment that houses Samsung’s entire product mix, Heath says. That also includes spaces for shoppers to experience its Gear VR products, smartphones and tablets and TVs.

The location in the CF Toronto Eaton Centre, an area of major foot traffic, is a global first for Samsung in terms of its retail aspect, she says. Unlike the Samsung 837 experiential flagship in New York City (which opened last year and includes aspects like the demo kitchen, café and “VR tunnel”), the Toronto location will have an actual omnichannel aspect, allowing customers to buy products, get customer service and mobile repairs and use click-and-collect for picking up online orders.

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Sephora is ramping up its conquest of the Americas. The brand already boasts 430 stores in the US, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, plus another 600 corners in JCPenney stores. On March 30, the French retailer owned by LVMH opened its largest store yet in the region, located on 34th Street in downtown Manhattan. The sales floor comprises 11,300 square feet, fully digitized and stocked with some 13,300 products.

Sephora installe à New York son plus grand magasin américain

“Sephora opened in the US 19 years ago with our first store in Soho,” said Calvin McDonald, President and CEO of SEPHORA Americas. “It’s fitting that as we round out almost two decades, we return to New York City to celebrate our largest and most unique beauty experience with the opening of our new 34th Street store.” The Sephora Americas subsidiary is headquartered in San Francisco, but also has offices in New York, Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto and Sao Paulo.

The company is the number one beauty and fragrance retailer in the U.S. (ahead of Macy’s), but is also a leader on New York’s most famous island. “Sephora continues to dominate the Manhattan beauty retail landscape with 15 freestanding stores in New York City,” touted the brand in a statement about the NY store openings. A few days earlier, Sephora reopened its 5th Avenue store (9,000 square feet), which it has also converted to its new experiential concept store format, dubbed “Beauty Tip (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshop.”

The store concept already made its debut last year in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto and Chicago. The redesigned retail environment’s strategy to attract and retain customers relies on a lot of digital bells and whistles as well as personalization. The store is designed to be a fully immersive shopping experience, equipped with a battery of high tech areas such as the Beauty Studio and the Skincare Studio. The store also promotes an educational approach with the Beauty Workshop, an area equipped with 26 tablet stations where customers can find tips, tutorials, determine their color palette or book a treatment.

The 34th Street store will also debut a Moisture Meter, “an exclusive new digital tool that accurately measures the amount of moisture in the skin to aid in the selection products prior to services.” The Fragrance Studio lets customers explore 18 scent families to help identify their own skin’s scent group. “Tap and Try” end caps give customers the chance to try on makeup virtually just by scanning the product barcode. The device displays the customer’s image on the screen as he or she would look wearing whatever product is being sampling.

Sephora’s digital and omnichannel strategy also includes a mobile app, as well as the 2016 roll out of its e-shop in six new countries, including Spain. The idea is to create a beauty community in store, on the e-store and through social media.

Sephora operates 2,400 stores in 33 countries, and opened 100 store around the world in 2016. LVMH says the retailer achieved double-digit growth in sales and earnings over the past year, but did not disclose specific figures.

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Avec plus de 430 magasins à l’enseigne en Amérique du Nord (Etats-Unis, Canada, Mexique, ainsi qu’au Brésil) auxquels s’additionnent 600 corners au sein des grands magasins JCPenney, Sephora a su conquérir ce continent sur lequel elle accélère encore.

Sephora installe à New York son plus grand magasin américain

L’entreprise française appartenant à LVMH a ainsi inauguré le 30 mars son plus grand point de vente de la zone à New York, sur la 34e rue. Une surface de vente de 1 050 mètres carrés, totalement digitalisée et proposant 13 300 références produit. « Sephora a ouvert son premier magasin aux Etats-Unis il y a 19 ans, à SoHo. Cela allait de soi que presque deux décennies plus tard, nous retournions à New York pour célébrer notre plus grande et unique expérience beauté, avec l’ouverture du magasin de la 34e rue », se félicite Calvin McDonald, président et CEO de Sephora Americas, filiale dont le siège est situé à San Francisco, mais qui possède aussi des bureaux à New York, Mexico, Montréal, Toronto et São Paulo.

Se revendiquant numéro un de la distribution en parfumerie et cosmétiques aux Etats-Unis (devant Macy’s), l’enseigne s’érige aussi en leader sur l’île principale de New York. « Sephora continue de dominer le secteur de la distribution beauté à Manhattan, avec 15 magasins », affirme-t-elle dans un communiqué. Quelques jours plus tôt, Sephora avait rouvert son magasin de la 5e avenue (835 mètres carrés), lui aussi converti au nouveau concept baptisé « Beauty TIP (Teach, Inspire, Play) Workshop ».

Dévoilé l’an passé à San Francisco, Boston, Toronto et Chicago, ce nouveau format mise donc avant tout sur le digital en magasin et la personnalisation pour séduire et fidéliser ses clients. Un concept shopping à 360 degrés abritant une batterie de dispositifs high tech, dont le Beauty Studio, le Skincare Studio et le Beauty Workshop. Ce dernier réunit 26 postes équipés d’une tablette, sur laquelle les clients peuvent glaner des conseils, découvrir des tutoriels, définir leur palette de couleurs ou encore réserver un soin.

Grande première chez Sephora, le magasin de la 34e met à disposition un « Moisture Meter », un appareil capable de calculer le taux d’hydratation de la peau afin de sélectionner le meilleur soin selon les profils dermatologiques des consommateurs. Le « Fragrance Studio » permet quant à lui d’identifier sa famille olfactive préférée grâce à un système de diffusion d’odeurs à air pulsé, tandis que le dispositif « Tap and Try » propose d’essayer virtuellement du maquillage – sur un écran dédié renvoyant sa propre image – en scannant directement le code-barre du produit.

La stratégie digitale – et omnicanale – de Sephora passe également par le développement de son application mobile, mais aussi par l’ouverture en 2016 de son e-shop à six nouveaux pays, dont l’Espagne. Avec pour but de fédérer une communauté beauté, en magasin, sur la boutique en ligne et via les réseaux sociaux.

Comptant plus de 2 400 boutiques réparties dans 33 pays, Sephora a ouvert plus de 100 magasins dans le monde en 2016 et annonce une croissance à deux chiffres de ses ventes et de ses bénéfices sur l’année écoulée, sans toutefois les dévoiler.

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Tara Jarmon tient sa nouvelle boutique étendard. Après rénovation, la griffe féminine parisienne vient de donner une nouvelle allure et surtout une nouvelle dimension à son point de vente des Champs-Elysées.

Tara Jarmon se montre sous un nouveau jour sur les Champs-Elysées

Inaugurée le 16 mars dernier, la boutique remastérisée est passée de 135 à 350 mètres carrés de surface et propose une expérience repensée à la clientèle. Situé au 73 de l’avenue des Champs-Elysées, le flagship Tara Jarmon n’a pas coupé complètement avec les codes haussmanniens qui lui sont chers, mais revendique une nouvelle approche plus audacieuse avec des emprunts au « design ultra contemporain ». Sur trois étages, la boutique présente une disposition en salons et de nouvelles fonctionnalités, comme l’accès à des tablettes connectées.

La marque a en effet voulu une expérience à 360 degrés : avec une approche digitale donc, mais aussi des exclusivités propres à cette boutique, un nouveau sens de l’accueil en invitant les clientes à prendre un thé et une ouverture de ses murs à de jeunes artistes.

Ce nouveau concept est la nouvelle vitrine internationale de la griffe, qui espère passer un cap depuis son rachat par Jean-Paul Bize et son fonds, AMS Industrie. Le couple fondateur passe donc la main, puisque Tara Jarmon vient de transmettre la direction artistique à Colombe Campana. La griffe haut de gamme, qui compte une soixantaine de boutiques (et environ 300 corners et revendeurs multimarques), a pour objectif de doubler sous cinq ans son chiffre d’affaires, estimé à 50 millions d’euros.

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La griffe de lingerie américaine Victoria’s Secret ouvre ses premiers flagships en Chine continentale. Le premier a été inauguré jeudi 9 mars, sur quatre étages et 2 400 mètres carrés à Shanghai. Le second devait par ailleurs être inauguré le 10 mars à Chengdu.

Victoria's Secret inaugure deux premiers flagships en Chine

Le premier magasin a ouvert au public dans le quartier de Huangpu, sur Huaihai Road, une rue autrefois qualifiée de « Ve avenue » de Shanghai. L’arrivée de marques comme Victoria’s Secret laisse espérer un retour de cette rue à sa gloire d’antan. « Le magasin Victoria’s Secret, aux côtés d’autres projets commerciaux qui seront lancés cette année, revitalisera l’environnement commercial de Huaihai Road », a ainsi déclaré aux médias Chen Yong, le directeur de la Commission du commerce du quartier de Huangpu.

Détenue par le groupe L Brands, Victoria’s Secret accélère donc son expansion commerciale en Asie, comme annoncé il y a huit mois par la marque. Pour démarrer ce développement nouveau, elle avait commencé par racheter les boutiques ouvertes par un franchisé sur le territoire chinois : 26 boutiques au concept « Beauty & Accessories », avec un assortiment principalement tourné vers les produits connexes et moins vers la lingerie.

Ce sont donc cette fois des formats « flagship » dotés de l’ensemble des collections de la marque qui ouvrent pour la première fois. La seconde adresse inaugurée le 10 mars à Chengdu propose une surface un peu plus petite que celle de Shanghai, mais approchant tout de même le millier de mètres carrés. Enfin, un autre magasin devrait être inauguré à Pékin d’ici à la fin de l’année.

« Il s’agit pour nous d’un énorme marché », a précisé Martin Walters, le président international de L Brands. Le groupe prévoit que ses magasins chinois généreront quelque 150 millions de dollars de ventes annuelles. A long terme, les ventes en Chine pourraient égaliser, voire dépasser, les ventes réalisées aux Etats-Unis.

Selon Euromonitor International, le marché de détail chinois pour les sous-vêtements féminins a connu une croissance annuelle moyenne de 9,7 % entre 2011 et 206, pour atteindre 139 milliards de yuans (18,9 milliards d’euros) en 2016.

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Zara’s Milan flagship store has a new entrance installation. Designed by Matteo Thun & Partners, the fixture has been created to provide a flexible and attention-grabbing way to display new collections.

New merchandising installation for Zara flagship

Collections are changed frequently, with each containing a large number of items. The store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele was previously a theatre and then a cinema before being converted into a store.

It has a striking double staircase of marble and brass, featuring historic mosaics and situated beneath a Murano chandelier. The new display takes inspiration from the theatrical history of the site.

New merchandising installation for Zara flagship1


It is built like a stage set that wraps around the staircase, following its lines and displaying outfits to shoppers as they use the stairs.

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American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has opened its first full store in mainland China, a four-story, 25,850-square-foot flagship in Shanghai, with another to follow this week.

Victoria’s Secret opens first China flagship

The Ohio, Columbus-based brand opened the Shanghai store to the public on Thursday. Located in the city’s Huangpu district on Huaihai Road, the strip was once known as the ‘Fifth Avenue’ of Shanghai. The arrival of brands like Victoria Secret has city personnel hopeful the street will return to its former retail glory.

“The Victoria’s Secret store, together with some other new commercial projects to be launched this year, will reinvigorate the commerce environment of Huaihai Road and help it to restore its former glory,” Chen Yong, director of the Commission of Commerce for Huangpu district, told a media briefing last Friday.

Owned by L Brands, Victoria’s Secret is ramping up its Asia expansion, eight months after first announcing it planned to officially open standalone stores in China. Accompanying this week’s Shanghai flagship, a 12,294-square-foot store in Chengdu will open Friday, while a Beijing store is coming later this year. “This is an enormous market for us,” L Brands International President Martin Walters told reporters on Thursday. L Brands expects the three China stores to generate $150 million in annual sales, with China expected to equal or even surpass the U.S. in sales in the long term.

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While many brands are scaling back bricks-and-mortar in Hong Kong, Italian fashion house Versace has opened the doors to a new flagship.

Versace opens new flagship store in Hong Kong

Located in the Shanghai Commercial Bank Tower, Versace’s new flagship occupies approximately 8,000 square feet of selling space for men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories. Versace’s Hong Kong Central boutique joins standalone stores Gateway Arcade, Pacific Place, Sogo Causeway Bay and the MixC Mall. The new Versace flagship incorporates traditional Italian architectural values with the modern dynamism and energy the brand is known for. Architectural elements include fior di bosco marble and brass features.

As a “meeting point between the past and future,” the flagship also makes use of fior di bosco flooring to create a unique environment, while the boutique’s facade is designed with backlit onyx.

“For me the boutique suggests an uninterrupted dialogue between our past and our future, between Versace and our clients,” said Donatella Versace in a statement.

To welcome the new flagship, Versace has designed a limited-edition mini Palazzo Empire handbag. The special handbag is embellished with silver Swarovski crystals and includes a detachable leather shoulder strap and a palladium Medusa head, the symbol of Versace.

The Palazzo Empire limited-edition includes a metallic tag inscribed with “The Palazzo Empire celebrating Hong Kong” to commemorate the store’s opening.

Versace’s Hong Kong Central boutique will also stock a limited number of medium and large Palazzo Empire handbags in exotic skins. Available in a wide selection of colors, these handbags will include a removable, interior metallic tag reading, “Versace for Shanghai Commercial Bank Tower, Hong Kong.”

The brand has also voiced its confidence in the Japanese luxury market by securing a retail presence. In December 2015, Versace returned to Japan after departing the market in 2009 and has opened three storefronts since its re-entrance.

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