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Not Just Another Store is partnering with designers to curate events, installations and exhibitions.

London Store Is Trying To Break The Norms Of Traditional Retail Spaces

Not Just Another Store, a new concept store curated by Utter and its brand Marr, has opened in London’s Shoreditch. The store positions collaboration at its core and will form partnerships with various designers for innovative events, installations and exhibitions.

The retail space features art from London-based artists and a carefully selected homeware and lifestyle department. In a blog post, the company says it will use the space to enact the future of experiential retail through digital innovation and interactive games. Not Just Another Store includes more than 30 affordable emerging brands across womenswear and menswear, literature, art and home. The shop also includes a coffee bar and salad bar offering brunch, lunch, juice and smoothies served by local independent chefs and baristas.

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The cosmetics brand ‘Espoir’ introduced a new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ reminiscent of draft beer house. Eespoir, a professional makeup brand, opened the first make-up pub concept store in Hongdae in November under the concept of Lively, Free like a lounge pub.

Espoir introduced new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ in Seoul

The newly launched ‘ Espoir Makeup Pub’ Concept Store is the first concept store designed for the millennial generation that pursues an enjoyable makeup experience. In this concept store, Espoir’ has provided special services that can only be experienced at the Hongdae Makeup Pub, as well as the best products that have been recognized for its superior product quality. The make-up pub, which opened in Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, is filled with a variety of ll items commonly found in draft beer, just like its name suggests.

There are many different colors of foundation on the nozzles where cool draft beer comes out and a variety of color cosmetics on the cutting board.
On the other hand, staffs with color charts like menus will find the perfect color for consumers. This concept store provides exotic spaces and a differentiated service so that anyone who wants to change freely visit and experience brand.

Espoir introduced new concept store ‘Make-up Pub’ in Seoul1

As soon as customers enter the store, the color mix bar captures their attention with its gorgeous neon lights. It is a space where anyone can enjoy the ‘Hot Colors’ mix performance that the artist suggests and mix colors directly. The Face Tailoring Zone, reminiscent of draft beer machines, provides professional consulting for customers to fine right color and texture for their skin.

Apart from that, there is a mirror room where customers can put on self-makeup by themselves and have make-up service from professional makeup artists without making advance reservations. A variety of samples and beverages were provided free of charge to all visitors.

Meanwhile, in order to commemorate the opening of the concept store, the brand has presented with a special coaster with the ‘Make UP PUB’ logo.

Espoir official said “here is the ‘Make-up Pub’ where customers can find the best color and choose the best color cosmetics.” “We will have more ideas and provide good products to meet customer’s expectations.

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Walmart and BuzzFeed’s Tasty have announced a new partnership to sell kitchen supplies and ingredients.


Walmart and struck a deal with BuzzFeed’s Tasty. The partnership will place links for the retailer’s products in Tasty’s how-to recipe and cooking videos on its app. When Tasty app users finish watching a video, they can scroll down to the bottom of the page and find relevant kitchen products from Walmart and

These products range from large appliances like a slow cooker to smaller utensils such as measuring cups. Starting early next year, viewers will also find links to over 2,000 grocery ingredients on both websites beneath videos showing how they can be transformed into a complete meal. The partnership was announced in a Walmart blog post.

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The giant new retail location lets visitors see inside the roastery’s operations and order from anywhere. Starbucks has just opened a giant new roastery and cafe in Shanghai that serves as part-cafe, part-production facility and part-retail gift store. 

Shanghai’s AR-filled Starbucks

Among all that, it houses multiple points where visitors can learn about the store’s products and processes through augmented reality. Within the 30,000-square-foot building are several interaction points, such as at its giant roasting cask, where visitors who have downloaded a dedicated app (or use visible QR codes) see animations on their phone display showing how Starbucks roasts its beans. The company says the Shanghai location, which opened Wednesday, is the only one with such AR capabilities in its chain.

“Coffee is already such a deeply sensorial experience,” said Emily Chang, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Starbucks China. “We wanted to take that customer experience even further.”

Some of the AR interaction points also produce menus, so patrons can theoretically order from anywhere in the store with one of the roaming baristas.

Shanghai’s AR-filled Starbucks1

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J.C. Penney is opening a holiday pop-up shop in New York’s SoHo called “Jacques Penne” in an effort to change millennial consumer perception of the brand, previously written off as a struggling mall dinosaur.

J.C. Penney to open millennial-friendly Jacques Penne pop-up shop

The holiday pop-up shop will feature unique merchandise from top J.C. Penney brands including Nicole Richie, Michael Strahan and Libby Edelman. There will be activations in the pop-up shop with Disney channel actress Lara Marano, blogger Danielle Bernstein and Brooklyn and Bailey of YouTube fame. J.C. Penney is also mobilizing its influencers to share the experience on their social media. Richie has 4 million Instagram followers and 5 million Twitter followers, while Brooklyn and Bailey have 4.5 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

Marci Grebstein, CMO for J.C.Penney said, “By leveraging this key shopping period, we are looking to surprise holiday shoppers with the level of relevant merchandise available at J.C. Penney, updating their perception of our brand this season and beyond.”

J.C. Penney has struggled with the millennial consumer who tends to write the chain off as uncool. Jacques Penne is a play on the fancified nickname shoppers have given the chain to upgrade the perception from discount mall chain to a more elite shopping experience.

“There’s a general perception in that market that ‘maybe JCPenney isn’t for me,’” says Grebstein. Grebstein explained that the challenge the retailer faces is to reconcile consumer perception with positive consumer feedback once the consumer learns more about the prices and product actually offered by the chain.

To that end, Jacques Penne is also offering an integrated 360-degree virtual and mobile shopping experience with the pop-up. The goal with the space and experience is to reach consumers through a new way of shopping.

J.C. Penney has been hemorraghing profits this year: it reported a net loss of $128 million for Q3 this year, compared to a net loss of $67 million for Q3 last year. The chain came in behind Kohl’s for highest percentage of Black Friday discounting, having reduced merchandise by an average of 66%.

Jacques Penne will be open Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 446 Broadway in SoHo in NYC. The online Jacques Penne experience launches Thursday, December 7th and will remain open online through January 7th

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Online cycling brand LIV, which claims to be the first cycling brand completely dedicated to women, has opened its first standalone physical store. Located in York, the store has been designed by Whiteroom to fit with LIV’s localisation strategy.

Online cycling brand LIV gives community focus to first standalone store

LIV provides tailor-made product to help women discover new possibilities in cycling, whatever their level of experience or fitness. Products range from specialised apparel to premium bicycles. The brand is now seeking to activate local communities with cultural programmes. Whiteroom describes York as a boutique shopping city with a diverse cycling community.

Online cycling brand LIV gives community focus to first standalone store1

The store is located in a central three storey former townhouse, which was considered more appropriate than an out of town unit. The house has been converted into a 120 sq m store. The store marks the beginning of a project to focus on how LIV will express its global brand ideas in a more local way. Each level of the store is dedicated to a different cycling discipline. The ground floor caters to leisure and city riders, the first floor to performance and aero riders, and the second floor to off-roaders. Local cycling enthusiasts have been recruited to run the store, enabling them to offer advice on the local routes and activities.

Online cycling brand LIV gives community focus to first standalone store2

Interiors feature clean lines and a bright colour palette with darker accents. Digital screens provide product information, while wall graphics seek to give inspiration and advice.

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At a new Texas location, there are separate entrances for shoppers based on two shopping goals. American retail giant Target, currently in the process of a massive four-year, nationwide redesign of its more than 1,000 stores, this week revealed its first “next-generation” retail concept in Richmond, Texas. 

Target’s Next-Gen Retail Concept Caters To Busy And Leisurely Shoppers Alike

The 124,000-square-foot store is the first to be built from the ground up with the new concept in mind, which caters to both busy and not-so-busy shoppers equally with distinct entrances on opposite sides of the building.

Through the ‘ease’ entrance, shoppers who are in a rush are greeted with a supermarket-like setup with a focus on quick, grab-and-go necessities like groceries, home supplies, pre-made dinners and last-minute gift ideas. Customers on this side of the building can also pick up online orders in-store or curbside directly to their trunk.

On the opposite side of the building sits the ‘inspiration’ entrance, where shoppers who have a bit more time are able to browse leisurely through a more high-end, department store-style layout which includes items like apparel, beauty products, seasonal decor and specialty brands from celebrity partners. This side of the store also houses a Starbucks cafe with outdoor seating, while the building as a whole has a more modern aesthetic with a focus on natural lighting, lower aisles, smaller signage and LED lights that automatically dim for greater energy efficiency.

“We know our guests come to Target on a variety of missions and this design takes that into account right from the front door, with separate entrances for those seeking inspiration and those who simply want ease,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president of Target Properties, in a statement . “As we remodel stores now and in the future it’s about mass customization, being locally-relevant and doing it at scale across the country, listening to and learning from our guests’ feedback along the way.”

Target says elements of the Richmond store, if successful, will serve as key foundational elements going forward for a planned $7 billion overhaul of its stores. The new dual-entrance layout gives Target a true “omni-channel” experience that blends elements of a traditional store with its online operations, putting it in a better position to appeal to shoppers as online competitors like Amazon enter into the physical retail landscape with their own efforts.

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For the holidays this year, British multinational retailer Marks and Spencer teamed up with housing and homelessness charity Shelter to create an immersive Christmas pop-up.

Marks and Spencer Created an Immersive Experience with Shelter

Under the protection of a red shelter-shaped installation at Waterloo, passersby have the chance to participate in a virtual reality experience that provides a look into three very different Christmas experiences.

The first two VR experiences feature real houses and real people talking about how they plan to spend the holidays, while the third depicts a homeless family barely being fit into a hostel. By helping to put people in the shoes of another, the campaign raises awareness about homelessness and the simple joys of having a place to call home. In partnership with Shelter, Marks and Spencer also made a Christmas collection, where 5% of each sale goes to the charity.

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The athletic retailer uses thermal imaging to reward Metro riders who chose to be healthy and climb the stairs.

Sports Experts can tell if you take the easy way

Most people tend to take an escalator if given the choice, even though they know that it’s more healthy to take the stairs. But maybe a little financial incentive will get them to make the active choice?

Given that 85% of Montreal Metro transit riders don’t use the stairs, athletic retailer Sports Experts decided to place an interactive screen inside a Metro station that has over 200 steps. The screen was outfitted with thermal imaging that analyzed body heat, so it could guess who took the escalator and who put in the extra effort of sweating it out on the stairs. The screen would also print out coupons for discounts based on exactly how much each person sweat.

Upon seeing the screen, some riders went back down and up the stairs to get a better discount, but others decided to try to get their reward for other physical activities, like dropping down and doing pushups.

The execution ties in to Sports Experts’ established brand positioning, which focuses less on being performance-obsessed and more on the smaller fitness accomplishments people achieve as individuals.

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Spanish contemporary shoe brand Camper had a special personalisation offer for customers at its cafe at the annual Clockenflap music and art festival in Hong Kong.

Camper shoes step up at Clockenflap

International acts lined up for the three-day event, in its 10th year, including Dandy Warhols, Kaiser Chiefs, Massive Attack and The Prodigy.

Featuring brightly coloured geometric patterns and flags, the outdoor Kuuchi Cafe by Camper offered pastries and cakes as well as drinks. It had a special meal deal of two items and two beverages – as well as a DIY Camper linen shoe bag that could be personalised with colours and choice of lettering. Founded as a family business on the island of Mallorca in 1975, Camper launched as a brand in Barcelona in 1981 and has 15 stores in Hong Kong.

Camper shoes step up at Clockenflap1

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