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The mall will be a hotspot for surfing lovers in Switzerland and beyond. In time for the opening, «Glisss», the indoor surfing specialists, will guarantee real surfing enjoyment. For the first few weeks the surfing fun, among pleasant beach surroundings at the mall, will be free of charge. It’s the perfect place to catch a wave until Switzerland’s first indoor surfing wave opens in the Mall of Switzerland in March 2018.

Surf's up at the Mall of Switzerland

Two Pocket Surf amenities and a Skim Parc will be ready for action in time for the opening of the Mall of Switzerland. The surfing facilities ensure safe and straightforward surfing fun for all ages and experience levels, from beginners to experts. With its low energy demands and water consumption (based on a closed-loop concept), the system is both energy effective and environmentally friendly.

«Just a few months later, in March 2018, Switzerland’s first permanent indoor deep water surfing wave «citywave» for beginners and pros will open as the central attraction in the over 1,200 square metre leisure, dining and event centre in the Mall of Switzerland». The Mall of Switzerland continues to work with Jochen Schweizer to create «citywave» and to ensure the permanent facility incorporates all the latest technology and design findings from a standing wave previously in work at the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. The Management is confident that the result will be a world-class attraction that exceeds the expectations of surf fans.

Until then, the «Glisss» Pocket Surf amenities and the Skim Parc will provide surfers with memorable times. «We want a visit to the Mall of Switzerland to be an unforgettable experience. Our innovative surfing concept will perfectly complement the many leisure options on offer. It’s an eye-catching attraction unrivalled anywhere else in Switzerland», states Mall of Switzerland director Jan Wengeler.

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Amazon is opening a pop-up bar for only 10 days in Japan on 20 October 2017. Amazon Bar, according to the company’s website, will be located in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza area and serve a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, and whiskey.

In August 2017, the company quietly expanded its one-hour wine delivery service in select U.S. cities.

But it comes with one caveat: there is no menu. The bar will instead deploy a recommendation system with Amazon sommeliers offering suggestions for different types of drinks. It will also serve special drinks that are only available at Amazon Bar, the website says.

Amazon did not say why it is opening the bar and for such a short period. The company has been introducing physical book stores and pop-up stores of late, while also expanding into the grocery space with the Whole Foods acquisition. At the same time, Amazon has been moving into the alcohol business.

In August 2017, the company quietly expanded its one-hour wine delivery service in select U.S. cities. In 2016, Amazon Japan launched a wine recommendation service by phone that featured its own in-house sommeliers.

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A new social video brings the importance of the little things into the retailer’s new brand platform.

IKEA explores the possibilities of good deeds

IKEA Canada has embarked on a mission to making the world a better place, and a new social video aims to show that includes little things people can do every day. The video suggests that everyone doing the occasional good deed will motivate more good deeds and lead to a better world. It proves this by asking its own employees to get the ball rolling. At the retailer’s location in Vaughan, employees do things like provide decor for customers’ meals in the cafeteria, pay for an entire family’s lunch and throw an anniversary party to recognize a long-time coworker.

The video is the next installment in IKEA Canada’s recently-launched “Beautiful Possibilities” brand platform. The launch spot for the platform focused on “big picture” issues like diversity, inclusion, sustainable energy and supporting vulnerable populations like refugees and the elderly to reflect the optimistic point of view IKEA wants to have about the world we could live in.

Lauren MacDonald, country marketing manager for IKEA Canada, says the idea behind the broader integrated campaign is that even little things can help people create the world they want.

“Acts both big and small all contribute to creating a better world,” MacDonald says. “Our objective with all of this is to inspire and enable Canadians to see what is possible in their homes and in the world. We truly believe if we all started with small actions to make the world a little better, the world will actually become a better place.”

MacDonald says the idea of “good deeds” fits with IKEA’s focus on creating a better life for the “many,” and anyone can do a good deed. Part of the reason behind launching this video in social channels was to share it in a platform that encouraged sharing and engagement so people might be motivated to join in to the “movement” themselves.

“One Good Deed A Day” has also become an internal initiative within IKEA Canada that began a few weeks ago, and has resulted in things like an employee at the Vaughan location giving out small toys to children in the store that include advice on how they might do a good deed for someone else.

MacDonald couldn’t give specifics about what other world-improving topics IKEA might tackle in the future, but said there would be more work coming ahead of the holiday season.

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Casper, the New York City-based mattress company famous for using compression technology to deliver mattresses in boxes, is teaming up with American Airlines to offer new in-flight sleeping products . According to Casper’s website, it’s “reimagining sleep at 30,000 feet.”

Casper Teams Up With American Airlines For In-Flight Slumber Products

In what seems to be a response to airlines like United teaming up with companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue for in-flight bedding, Casper has unveiled a new line of products specifically designed for flight, set to come to select American Airlines flights in December. According to American Airlines, the products offered will include a mattress pad, pajamas, slippers, a lumbar pillow, a standard pillow, a duvet and a day blanket.

Casper’s amenities will be provided for First or Business Class and Premium economy on long-haul international flights, transcontinental flights, certain domestic flights and flights to particular locations in the northern rim of South America.

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The new format is less cluttered and includes an extensive assortment of high-end goods for adults.

New Disney Stores Bring Theme Parks To Customers

Walt Disney has renovated several of its retail stores to test a new prototype that includes more components of the company’s theme parks, including big screens that show live streams of daily parades at Disney World and Disneyland.

The California-based company has unveiled 4 of 6 planned stores with the new look, which includes a large video screen in the front. Guests can sing with Donald Duck on their a birthday, with their photo on the screen. These are showing up in the afternoon can sit and watch a live feed of Disneyland’s daily parade down Main Street. The stores will wheel up a cart soon, where customers can buy candy and mouse ears, just like those sold at the parks.

“It’s not unusual to have 50 people or so come on a Tuesday or Wednesday,” Paul Gainer, the executive in charge of Disney’s store’s division, told.  “There’s the opportunity to do many other things.”

Disney, the world’s largest entertainment firm, has had its interest in the retailing ebb and flowed over the years. The corporation once sold and then bought back its stores department. Now, the company has about 340 retail locations around the world, about a third of their peak.

The remodeling matches with a remake of Disney’s online shopping site. The company is more than doubling the volume of merchandise it sells online, with a big increase in items for adults like Coach handbags, David Lerner women’s clothing, and Ethan Allen furniture. The new website includes videos of the products and more themed items displayed, such as Halloween costumes. Merchandise that sells well online will be delivered to the stores, Gainer said.

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Lowe’s is adding two new augmented reality tools to its AR app roster early October, including a virtual tape measure app called Measured, and an app called Envisioned by The Mine, which allows customers to visualize furniture in their own homes or workplaces, according to a press release.

Lowe's leverages Apple's ARkit for new apps

Both apps are built on Apple’s ARkit development platform and can be used on iphone models 6s or newer. Measured, which uses the smartphone camera view to help users measure a specific distance, is already available for download at Apple’s App Store.

Envisioned gives users access to 3D images of items generated by Lowe’s Innovation Labs’ proprietary 3D content creation and distribution technology called LIL 3D.

The emergence of Apple’s ARkit and the official launch of iOS 11 last week have drawn several new retailers into the AR app game, but Lowe’s isn’t a newcomer. The home improvement retailer has been looking to leverage AR since well before ARKit came into play, having announced its Lowe’s Vision app for in-home project help and its Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation app earlier this year.

The retailer has also been leading the way on 3D modeling technology in-house, announcing LIL 3D, a so-called “ultra-realistic” 3D tech in July. As more retailers, particularly from the home improvement and home decor sectors, bring out their own AR apps, having proprietary stakes in some of the tech used and experience working with it could be a differentiator for Lowe’s.

The retailer looks to have the largest AR app roster of any retailer, with at least four apps that have been announced. The first two were built using Google Tango technology, usable only on the two mobile devices that support the technology so far — the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the Asus Zenfone AR — while these two latest apps will get the benefit of being built on Apple’s new and much-hyped ARkit, and, more significantly, will be available to millions of users of many different iPhone models.

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Nestlé and bed company Caspar have teamed up for a second time this year, launching a ‘nap café’ in Tokyo to promote power-sleeps across the Japanese capital.

Nestle opens a nap cafe in Tokyo’s Ginza

The food and beverage giant and the sleeping specialist retailer had bowed the nap café in the Ginza shopping district. The Ginza Nap Café at the Ginza Chairs complex is aimed at people needing to catch up on their rest. Inside the café, customers will find dozens of beds, set at varying angles to each other to promote privacy. Guests can buy a short 30-minute power nap or settle in for a three-hour long sleep.

In addition to the beds, there are sleeping tables equipped with special foam pillows that support the head and neck. Each sleep session comes with a timer and light activated eye mask.

The initiative was trialled in Harajuku in March 2017 and was deemed a success. According to reports, Japan is the second most sleep-deprived nation on earth, second only to Koreans. The Ginza Nap café runs through September 2017.

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Forever21 recently announced the launch of its new cosmetics store, ‘Riley Rose,’ which is set to open in California at the end of September.

'Riley Rose' is Forever21's Newest Conceptual Beauty Store

This new vibrant space will open 13 stores in the US, carrying “accessories, cosmetics and home goods for the millennial consumer.” Stacked with popular beauty brands and serving as a “wonderland for millennials and Gen-Zs,” this experimental store encourages social media engagement, offering a vibrant, selfie-friendly environment that adds a unique dynamic to the standard shopping routine.

As the convenience of e-commerce stands as retail’s biggest competitor, Forever21 continues to expand its efforts into conceptual spaces which aim to draw more consumers into physical stores. The storefront’s appearance serves as a prominent example of the apparel brand’s attempt to offer consumers a better overall in-store experience.

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‘The Residence’ is a unique new retail space from John Lewis that gives consumers the chance to really get a feel for what it’s like to purchase its products by temporarily living in the in-store apartment. 

John Lewis is Inviting Consumers to Temporary Live Its In-Store Spaces

The fully furnished retail space is equipped with a bedroom, a living room and a dining area, which consumers are invited to live in as if the spaces were there own. Although many furniture showrooms convey a hands-off feel, The Residence encourages those who make themselves at home to rearrange furniture and even host private dinner parties for friends.

To really make The Residence feel like an authentic abode, John Lewis services the home with a daily newspaper delivery, stocks it with the latest fall and winter products and even gave the home its own unique scent.

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Nike recently unveiled a new in-store sneaker creation tool called the ‘Nike Makers Experience’ that will allow consumers to make custom footwear designs on the spot.

The 'Nike Makers Experience' Lets Consumers Create One-of-a-Kind Shoes

While the making of bespoke sneakers seems like it would be a lengthy, time-consuming process, this experience makes a custom pair of Nike footwear available on-site to a consumer in just about 90 minutes.

With the Nike Makers Experience, customers are invited to put on a plain Nike Presto X shoe and then choose custom graphics to enhance the design. Augmented reality, object tracking and projection technology are used to bring the designs to life on a customer’s feet.

For the introduction of this new interactive in-store experience at the Nike By You Studio, Nike is limiting it to select friends and family members of Nike+ members on an invite-only basis.

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