PUMA to install
interactive gaming and hangout zone in sports stores

Shopper experience

Shopper experience

26 April

PUMA to install interactive gaming and hangout zone in sports stores

International sports brand PUMA has launched a new digital in-store experience and ‘hangout' space at Ultra Football in Sydney, Australia.

(Author : Retail Design World)

The installation has been designed to appeal to football obsessed teens, and their patterns of decision making and impulse purchasing. It offers a combination of recognition technology, projection, and gaming to create an immersive experience in a bid to drive in-store trial of products, and to increase brand recall and product consideration.

The attraction features the PUMA FUTURE and PUMA ONE product ranges, in a boot-room themed space that provides three key moments for the selection, fitting and trial element of choosing sports shoes.

The process has been designed to create an in-store experience rooted in both football and gaming culture. Pressure sensors detect when a product has been removed from the interactive boot wall, triggering the display of interactive, product-specific content, athlete stories and availability details, and a trial request function.

During the fitting phase, digital displays show player statistics that merge online content and the physical space, to bring customers closer to PUMA brand ambassadors. Green Room manages all of the content, using PUMA brand assets, remotely.

The trial phase encourages shoppers to put the boots to a full gaming test, with a live leader board showing how they perform, encouraging peer-to-peer competition and sharable moments.

“We wanted to bring a deeper engagement with our football products, showcasing their unique benefits. Employing a range of digital experience moments in store, going beyond the usual screens displaying information, to create something different and immersive,” says PUMA head of commercial marketing Jason Isenberg.

“For the research we took ourselves pitch-side to get under the skin of the FOTs, understanding what drives them, what’s important to them, what they think of players wearing certain products – these customer workshops were integral components that we then fed into the creative brief,” says Green Room digital experience director Martyn Palmer. “By placing people at the heart of every experience – understanding their differing journeys, behaviours and emotional mind-states – we’ve developed both a commercial and emotionally connected experience, allowing PUMA to navigate the increasing expectation of today’s omni-channel customer.”

After its exposure at Ultra Football PUMA plans to focus on partnerships with other stores to bring the installation to customers globally.

Fonte: retaildesignworld.com


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