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Retailer News

23 January

Morrisons to restructure store staffing

Morrisons is to create 7,000 new shop-floor posts across the country, but 3,000 managers will either leave the business or have their roles downgraded.


(Author  : Liz Wells)

The supermarket giant said the aim of the move was to “serve customers better” in-store by changing the way they are staffed. Many of the new jobs will be on Morrisons’ Market Street counters, where butchers, bakers, fishmongers and other fresh food specialists serve customers. David Lepley, Morrisons group retail director, said: “This proposal means more frontline colleagues improving product availability and helping customers.

“Whilst there will be a short period of uncertainty for some managers affected by these proposals, we will be supporting them through this process and there are jobs available for everybody who wants to continue to work at Morrisons. “There will also be more roles with greater flexibility that are very attractive to colleagues with families.”

In response to the news, Usdaw national officer Joanne McGuinness said: “This is a big upheaval for the Morrisons store management team and is devastating news for our members. We will be entering into consultations with the company on behalf of our members affected by these changes. “Despite a large number of hourly paid roles being created, they will clearly not be a like-for-like position for the managers impacted.  We are providing Sata members with the support, advice and representation they require during this difficult time.”



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