(Author : Laura McQuarrie)
Nike recently unveiled a new in-store sneaker creation tool called the ‘Nike Makers Experience’ that will allow consumers to make custom footwear designs on the spot.

The 'Nike Makers Experience' Lets Consumers Create One-of-a-Kind Shoes

While the making of bespoke sneakers seems like it would be a lengthy, time-consuming process, this experience makes a custom pair of Nike footwear available on-site to a consumer in just about 90 minutes.

With the Nike Makers Experience, customers are invited to put on a plain Nike Presto X shoe and then choose custom graphics to enhance the design. Augmented reality, object tracking and projection technology are used to bring the designs to life on a customer’s feet.

For the introduction of this new interactive in-store experience at the Nike By You Studio, Nike is limiting it to select friends and family members of Nike+ members on an invite-only basis.

Source : trendhunter.com

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