Raley’s Shelf Guide
Uses Icons to Quickly Communicate Info

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

22 July

Raley’s Shelf Guide Uses Icons to Quickly Communicate Info

Consumers are looking for products that are plant-based, nutrient-dense and high in protein, and rather than relying on a product's packaging design to communicate this information, Raley’s Shelf Guide implements its own system of 23 easily identifiable, colorful labels.

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)

The easy-to-navigate system helps to make product information available at a quick glance, saving consumers the hassle of having to carefully examine the specifications of individual products. 

Raley’s Shelf Guide helps to efficiently increase transparency and provide access to products to support a healthier life. The icons span both food and non-food categories, making it easy for consumers to purchase food and beverages that are vegan and gluten-free, as well as health, beauty and household products that are paraben-free, free from added fragrance and clean label. Raley’s Shelf Guide also includes pet care icons for grain-free, good for gut health, non-GMO and raw.

Source: trendhunter.com


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