Nike Dubai
Expands to Favor Community & Customization

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

06 December

Nike Dubai Expands to Favor Community & Customization

Nike Dubai reaches a pivotal moment as it becomes the biggest retail space in the MENA region at 3,290 square meters. 

(Author : Kalina Nedelcheva)

The new headquarters bears many opportunities for consumer engagement. For one, the brand embraces customization through a space where customers can personalize their products — from choosing laces and tongue labels to adorning items with artwork via UV printing technologies. 

Nike Dubai also promotes community values as it provides grounds for like-minded people and athletes to converge. This feature includes special Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Run Club sessions, curated athlete talks, artist and stylist workshops, etc.

In addition, customers at the Nike Dubai megastore will be able to take sports gear for a spin at an indoor basketball court.



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