Ikea Japan
opens first compact store, in Tokyo

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Shopper Experience

12 June

Ikea Japan opens first compact store, in Tokyo

Ikea Japan has opened its first concept downtown store in Tokyo. Ikea Harajuku, modelled on smaller compact inner city Ikea stores popping up in Paris and New York, targets urban apartment dwellers with a smaller range of about 9500 goods selected from its big-box destination shops.

(Author : Tong Van)

The new Ikea Japan store is located adjacent to the Uniqlo Harajuku which opened about a week ago, occupying a two-storey, 2500sqm space. “One of the store’s key focuses will be sustainability and circular living, with a buyback service and sustainably sourced food”, the company said in a statement.

Besides featuring homewares products for small-living areas, the Ikea Harajuku houses a Swedish Cafe, where customers can find a Swedish flatbread menu, and Swedish Combini which offers a wide range of snacks and beverages including cups of plant-based instant noodles.

Plans to open the Ikea Harajuku store were revealed two years ago. The store was scheduled to open on April 25 this year, however that was postponed until June 8 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Source: insideretail.asia  


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