QVC launches
mobile app with shoppable video, unveils new logo

Sales activation

Sales activation

13 February

QVC launches mobile app with shoppable video, unveils new logo

QVC introduced Q Anytime​, a new shopping app with an "ever-changing" shoppable video content feed, and unveiled a new visual identity and logo

(Author : Dan O'Shea)

Q Anytime, currently available as an iPhone app, is intended to complement the company's flagship app with a feed of shoppable videos, presented on demand in five to eight-minute segments. Customers can tap on a video to buy a product or get more details. Customers can also customize their feed by category or build a playlist by liking videos. Eventually, the company plans to offer original content, episodic series and other extras designed for a mobile audience through the Q Anytime app.

QVC said that with the new app it's trying to create a "video-first mobile experience." Until now the concept of shoppable videos has been experimented with primarily by social networks like Instagram and YouTube.

QVC was a "video-first" retailer right from its start in the mid-1980s in the form of a TV broadcast. Now, QVC may be looking to achieve an early-mover status among multi-channel retailers in enabling a video shopping experience.

In announcing Q Anytime, QVC noted that consumers are currently discovering new brands through video and social apps via mobile. The company indicated that its customers enjoy video storytelling that helps them discover new products. QVC also said about 60% of the company's sales are from e-commerce, with two-thirds of those sales happening on mobile devices.

The new logo further conveys QVC's evolving character, as it features a square "representing the many screens through which customers connect with QVC," and what the company described as "a reimagined 'Q' in a sleek, mobile-friendly format." 



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