AI grocery cart
lets shoppers skip checkout lines

Retail Innovations

Retail Innovations

04 October

AI grocery cart lets shoppers skip checkout lines

Caper's autonomous cart uses built-in sensors to identify items and tally a virtual basket

(Author : Springwise)

New York startup Caper is rolling out an autonomous cart that could be the future of grocery shopping. The carts will allow shoppers to find deals, be directed to items from their shopping list and pay on the cart instead of waiting in line.

The cart is equipped with sensors, a barcode reader, an interactive screen and a PayPoint. For stores, Caper also offers a plug-and-play solution that does not require any store restructuring. The Caper cart features a screen interface that can direct shoppers to items they need, manage their shopping list, and alert them to promotions and deals. The cart includes a PayPoint, allowing shoppers to check-out using just the cart.

The startup claims that the carts have increased average basket size by 18 per cent, by exposing customers to products they might otherwise have overlooked or been unable to find. 

The Caper carts are currently found in two grocery chains and have plans to roll out to 150 more in the next year. The company has just closed an £8 million Series A funding round led by Lux Capital.



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