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After athleisure store Citadium opened on the Champs-Elysées, another sportswear retailer is planning to set up shop on the famous Parisian avenue.

Foot Locker to open flagship store on Paris' Champs-Elysées

US footwear retailer Foot Locker has in fact set it sights on the premises at number 66, formerly home to Benetton. Real estate consultants Savills have told FashionNetwork.com that the store is expected to open in the third quarter 2017, as renovation work has already started, while Foot Locker has declined to comment on the matter.

Foot Locker’s Champs-Elysées store has a 12 m ceiling, and extends over 1,500 m2, with part of the retail area located in the basement. In such large premises, the footwear chain could decide to replicate the new retail concept it launched in New York last year: a 900 m2 store at 112 W 34th Street in which the products are showcased not by category but by brand, in what is effectively a series of dedicated, individual shop-in-shops.

As the group remarked upon the publication of its financial results last May, “expansion into Europe is our next growth vector. We have realised that our European customers are very resilient, and we therefore believe that footfall in this market will gradually bounce back.” Foot Locker also indicated that in the course of 2017 it would open flagship stores in Rome and in Turkey, with the objective of “further improving the customer experience.” The Paris store is another of the planned openings.

As of 28th January 2017, Foot Locker operated 3,363 stores in 23 countries. Many of them are in franchising, with a retail area comprised between 100 and 120 m2.

Source : us.fashionnetwork.com

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British supermarket chain Tesco has further expanded its online services and will offer same-day delivery virtually across the entire United Kingdom in an attempt to ward off Amazon Fresh.

Tesco offers same-day delivery for the entire United Kingdom

99 % of families
The company currently only offers same-day delivery in London and the southeast of the United Kingdom, but it will now expand that to 99 % of families, which should give it the broadest reach out of every UK-based retailer. Customers will have to order before 13h to enjoy same-day deliveries, which will arrive after 19h. The fee is between 3 and 8 pounds.

Tesco continues to focus on its online sales, having recently expanded the number of supermarkets that have same-day pick-up options to 300. It even has a one-hour delivery service in the center of London.

Battle with Amazon and discounters
The supermarket chain is clearly preparing for a fight with Amazon and its recently launched Amazon Fresh, which has similar delivery services. The supermarket branch fears the American giant will steal away market share from the four largest chains, which already face tremendous pressure from discounters like Aldi and Lidl.

Source : retaildetail.eu

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Toys “R” Us is pulling out the stops to engage its in-store shoppers.

Toy retailer’s concept store steps up digital game
The toy retailer describes its concept store in Langley, British Columbia, as “the evolution of our digital future.” To maintain this reputation, Toys “R” Us is partnering with Cineplex Digital Media, and adding an in-store digital signage and kiosk network. The installation includes a large feature wall with 2 ft.-by-2 ft., 55-inch LCD screens, and six 18.5-inch digital end caps. All displays will feature images and video content. 

The store will also feature four point-of-sale integrated kiosks that will be used as an ‘endless aisle’ solution. Here, customers can browse the brand’s entire offering, watch videos and read product information prior to making a purchase. Customers can place orders through the kiosk, and choose to pick up their purchase at the front of the store or have it shipped to their home, the retailer said.

“The new integrated network elevates the shopping experience and makes it easier for customers to locate the products they are looking for, gain in depth information and make their purchases directly from a number of kiosks located throughout the store,” said Clint Gaudry, the chain’s VP, marketing and store planning.

Cineplex Digital Media will lead all content creation for the kiosks, and provide content management for the digital end caps and feature wall signage.

Source : chainstoreage.com

(Author : Dan O’Shea)
Amazon has launched another new product discovery feature, this one called Amazon Spark, a content feature on its Amazon mobile app that takes cues from social media by allowing users to shop items they see in photos and read about in posts generated by others, according to TechCrunch.

Amazon launches Spark, a shoppable social content feed

Amazon has just started rolling out Spark to U.S. users of its mobile app after testing it in beta form for the last few months. The feature is not available for use outside of the retailer’s mobile app, TechCrunch reports. First-time users of the feature are asked to register with their names and provide a list of at least five interests to follow. Amazon Spark then develops an image-intensive, customized feed of related products, photos and ideas.

It sure looks like Amazon is taking a page here from Pinterest’s social shopping inclinations, as well as Instagram’s shoppable photos. And in every “smile” on an Amazon Spark post, we’ll be reminded of a Facebook “like.”

However, it also has become clear in recent years that there is an authenticity vibe to user-generated content that more shoppers these days seem to be trusting. Amazon’s Interesting Finds feature, announced last year, started to take its product discovery solutions in new directions — and also put Amazon on a course toward increasing Pinterest comparisons.

That’s part of the reason why this launch doesn’t come as a total surprise. Even as Amazon has set the tone and pace for product discovery innovations, it still doesn’t have a site or format that reflects the idea of a social network or a social media-style content feed. Product discovery and product curation take many forms, and Spark is a natural extension of Amazon’s general efforts to simply help customers find products they want to buy.

It will be interesting to see how far Amazon wants to go in committing to the social network concept. The TechCrunch story suggests the e-commerce giant will allow users posting content on Spark to link to product reviews they previously have written for Amazon. Could Amazon further encroach on the turf of Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook as those sites have been edging into its own territory? One of the things we have learned from Amazon is that it’s relentless about about fighting and winning retail battles regardless of the venue. Amazon is making a massive push to beat traditional retailers at their own game, so why not social networks, too?

Source : retaildive.com

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Unveiled in May 2017, the Myeong-dong flagship store is presented as an interactive beauty destination, the “House of Color Play”, where customers can be creative with cosmetics.

Personalisation and experimentation are at the heart of Etude House

Bringing a sophisticated, confident attitude while staying true to the brand’s playful spirit, it expresses Etude House’s refreshed “Sweet Dream” philosophy. 

The Myeong-dong flagship store offers a brand experience over three floors. Complementing the refreshed façade are the sleek, on-trend and contemporary interiors that instantly wows customers entering the store and offers a glimpse of the mezzanine level.

On the ground floor, customers are encouraged to explore all Etude House products, share looks and socialise around an oval mid-floor table that’s haloed by a modern lighting feature and illuminated wall mirrors. Key Etude House décor details such the parquet floor and Georgian panels have been mixed with more contemporary fixtures and materials.

The mezzanine level introduces a Personal Studio offering, My Colour Finder and My Color Draping services for finding each customers’ most suitable shades. New ‘Find your Look’ demos empower and educate customers, adding a unique Etude House twist by including skincare to the how-to guides.

D&P introduced nine signature looks for this section, with beauty experts on hand to demonstrate and advise. Digital is also a strong part of the Etude House experience, with expanded product stories and immersive tutorials. For example, girls can find out their exact skin tone using a specialist face colour scanner.

Even more personalisation and play is delivered on the second floor with the Color Factory concept. Customers can blend bespoke lipsticks at the ‘My Lips Bar’ using cutting-edge beauty technology. They can then select a favourite lipstick case and have their name engraved on the packaging.

Source : retailinasia.com

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A growing consumer desire for peace of mind has created a heightened demand for all sorts of meditation spaces, including everything from mobile booths to dedicated meditation studios. Now, Lululemon—a Canadian activewear brand that is synonymous with yoga—has launched its first-ever ‘Mindfulosophy’ space.

Lululemon Opened an Area for 'Mindfulosophy' Within Its NYC Store

Inside of its new 8,000 square foot store on NYC’s Fifth Avenue, Lululemon carved out a concept space for visitors to “experience yoga in a different way—off the mat, through meditation.” Via headphones, visitors are able to tune into guided meditations recorded by Lululemon’s director of mindful performance Danielle Nagel and Tom Waller, who leads the brand’s Whitespace Innovation Lab.

While Lululemon regularly offers in-store yoga sessions at its retail stores, Mindfulosophy offers a new way for consumers to partake in a mindfulness practice, even in the midst of one of the busiest cities on the planet.

Source : trendhunter.com


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Sephora continues to experiment with store formats, and this time it’s going smaller.

Beauty giant launches new store concept

The beauty retailer has opened a new concept, called Sephora Studio, on Newbury Street in Boston, designed to provide a very customized shopping experience, one that drives personal connections with customers. At 2,000 sq. ft., it is the brand’s smallest store in North America, and features a variety of digital tools to optimize customer experiences before, during and after their visit. Among them are digital welcome and service menu screens for easy navigation and self-help, and mobile-equipped sales assistants (“beauty advisors”) who can quickly assist customers with appointment check in, look up their rewards status, and retrieve Sephora.com ratings and reviews on any product throughout the store.

The Studio promises a high level of service, with all sales assistants having the highest level of certification employees can earn from Sephora. The space includes a “beauty studio” that offers on-demand, one-on-one services, including 45-minute makeovers and 15-minute mini-facials.

Additionally, it is the first Sephora to offer two new services: a a 75-minute custom makeover that includes either  a skincare consultation or mini facial; and a Studio Concierge, a specially appointed store consultant who, among other things, will match a customer with the appropriate consultant based on beauty need.

The store also features two omnichannel product delivery options: order in store, and same day pick up, With order In store, sales assistants can place a customer order through Sephora.com, with complimentary standard shipping or reduced next day shipping.
For those who want products faster, the store will partner with Sephora’s location at nearby Prudential Center to offer same day pick up. Starting in October, Boston area consumers can purchase on products their device via the Sephora app and pick it up at the Prudential Center location the same day.

“In today’s retail environment where very little is constant and clients’ expectations are ever-evolving, one thing has remained true for Sephora: There is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach to beauty,” said Calvin McDonald, president and CEO of Sephora Americas. “The Studio merges the best of an inclusive neighborhood retail environment with best-in-class digital tools that enable our expert beauty advisors to customize recommendations on an individual basis.” The Boston store comes on the heels of the opening of Sephora’s largest store in North America on Manhattan’s 34th Street.

Source : chainstoreage.com 

(Author : Retail Design World)
The UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle showroom has opened. The Electric Vehicle Experience Centre, run by Chargemaster and located at Centre: MK in Milton Keynes, has been designed by the retail division of experiential agency TRO. MP Jesse Norman, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Transport, opened the centre this morning (20 July 2017). 

UK's first multi-brand electric car showroom opens

With a mission to educate residents about the benefits of electric car ownership, the centre will offer test drives of its fleet of more than 50 vehicles. It will feature cars from a wide variety of manufacturers, including BMW i, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault and Volkswagen, along with impartial advice on which may best suit individual consumers.

Chargemaster is running the project in partnership with the£9m Milton Keynes Go Ultra Low City scheme, which has been established to increase the number of electric vehicles in use the area. There is a target to seeing 23 per cent of all new cars registered locally to be electric models within five years – with the showroom due to be open for the same five year period.

“Being part of such a high-profile and diverse project is very exciting for Chargemaster. The centre will be the first of its kind and we are sure it will pave the way for other cities to follow. We are looking forward to welcoming Milton Keynes shoppers and showing them everything that going electric has to offer,” says Chargemaster CEO David Martell.

UK's first multi-brand electric car showroom opens1

The showroom aims to inspire as well as educate, says TRO retail director Ben Taylor. “We understand the power of immersive techniques to engage consumers and drive change and ultimately buying habits,” says Taylor.

Source : retaildesignworld.com

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Sears Holdings Corp’s shares soared 20 percent after the struggling retailer said it would sell its Kenmore home appliances on Amazon.com and integrate the brand’s smart gadgets with the online giant’s Alexa digital assistant.

Sears to sell Kenmore appliances on Amazon; shares jump

The deal will expand the distribution reach of Kenmore products, potentially giving a fillip to the company’s sales, which have been falling for years amid intensifying competition from Wal-Mart Stores Inc and Amazon. Syncing “smart” Kenmore appliances, such as connected room air conditioners, with Alexa, will allow users to control the gadgets with voice commands.

Sears joins an increasing number of retailers and manufacturers, including Whirlpool Corp, Ford Motor Co and Starbucks, which are integrating their products with Alexa as they look to garner sales through the popular digital assistant. Alexa controls Amazon Echo, a speaker which lets the user call a cab, order pizza or shop on Amazon among other things. Investors cheered Sears’ deal – the stock was set for its best day in about four months.

Store-based retailers are increasingly looking to sell more online as they struggle with falling store traffic and growing competition from Amazon. Footwear maker Nike Inc also said last month it would start selling a limited product assortment directly on Amazon, rather than through third-party and unlicensed dealers.

Source : us.fashionnetwork.com

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Fast food chain Subway is trialing a new formula in several of its stores, with a visually altered design and several technological innovations.

Subway trials new formula


Order booth
The new formula was created in collaboration with design firm FRCH Design Worldwide and should give the restaurants a better atmosphere. Fresh colours and decorations should link to the fresh foods used in the meals. It also contains an order booth where customers can compile their own menu. There are also several payment options, including Apple Pay and it is even possible to place your order beforehand. USB charging stations and free WiFi is also available at the restaurant, mimicking what chains like Starbucks have long offered.

“We have designed a new and modern interior, giving the customers the choice about how to place the order, how to pick it up and how to enjoy it”, Subway operational director Trevor Haynes said. The menu will also be altered, with new types of bread and products that will be shipped in fresh every day.

The new formula is currently only available in nine locations across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, but should be rolled out to every other restaurant eventually.

Source : retaildetail.eu