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Plug PR and event partners LORE, have proudly collaborated with French prestige champagne house Perrier-Jouët to lure the city’s most influential media personalities to Maison Perrier-Jouët’s ‘Garden of Wonder’, a series of whimsical, artistic and immersive experiences in Pacific Place and The Conrad Poolside.

Perrier-Jouët Hong Kong’s pop-up store is a success

Special guest, Perrier-Jouët’s Cellar Master, Mr. Hervé Deschamps attended the launch on Monday 13th March to meet media, influencers and conduct interviews on Perrier-Jouët’s rich heritage, its century-long love affaire with the arts and the launch of the new permanent Cuvée, Perrier-Jouët Blanc de Blancs.

Speaking on the launch’s success, Lara Jefferies, Managing Director of Plug PR said, “The launch of Perrier-Jouët’s ‘Garden of Wonder’ at Pacific Place was an exquisitely whimsical evening. On 13th March, Perrier-Jouët, LORE and Plug PR hosted some of the city’s most influential journalists and glamorous influencers to celebrate the brand’s artistic flair and sample the new Blanc de Blancs champagne. Guests were also able to enjoy French digital artist Miguel Chevalier’s mesmerizing video installation. We’re proud to support Perrier-Jouët on such a beautiful, thoughtful and immersive retail experience.”

LORE Limited’s Client Engagement Director shed some insight into the creative journey, “After months of planning and collaborating with both the Paris design team and local Hong Kong team, it was truly magical to see it all come to life in this delightful setting. The intricate elegance and attention to detail reflects Perrier-Jouët’s commitment that all things beautiful should always be shared.”

Paying homage to Perrier-Jouët’s deep-seated connection to the arts and its passion for nature, the Garden of Wonder has blossomed in Pacific Place and taken root at The Conrad Poolside with exquisite champagne experiences to delight the senses.

Mr. Frantz Hotton, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Hong Kong and Macau from Perrier-Jouët Hong Kong shared the brand team’s reaction to the launch, “We’re delighted to see so many of Hong Kong’s creative influencers, influential media and valued customers enjoying the Garden of Wonder and the new Blanc des Blancs permanent Cuvée. It’s inspiring to see people exploring and snaping ‘instaggramable moments’ and creating their own pieces of art to share on social media. Our aim was to create a place of beauty and discovery to excite art and wine lovers in the heart of one of HK’s most prestigeous shopping venues. We look forward to welcoming even more guests to join us for a glass of Blanc des Blancs champagne to toast ‘Art Month’ in Hong Kong.”

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Lowe’s is making it even easier for in-store shoppers to locate home improvement necessities.

Home improvement retailer launches AR in-store navigation app

By tapping the power of augmented reality, the home improvement retailer introduced its Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation app. Called the first retail application of indoor mapping using augmented reality, the app is designed to simplify the home improvement shopping experience.

The solution, which is the newest creation developed in Lowe’s Innovation Labs, leverages Google’s augmented reality technology Tango, allowing shoppers with Tango-enabled smartphones to search for products, add them to a shopping list and locate the product within the store.

Specifically, the navigation tool uses Tango-enabled motion tracking, area learning and depth perception to guide customers through the store using a mixed reality interface. When a customer enters a Lowe’s store, they can use their Tango-enabled smartphone to create a list of their required items in the app and access product reviews and information to make an informed decision. Directional prompts overlaid onto the real-world setting guide the customer to each item using the most efficient route around the store, the retailer explained.

Our research shows that helping make it easier for customers to find products in stores not only makes for a better shopping experience, it allows our associates to spend more time advising on home improvement projects,” said Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs. “With Lowe’s Vision: In-Store Navigation, we’ve created a more seamless experience using breakthrough technology so customers can save time shopping and focus more on their project.”

The technology will be launched in Sunnyvale, California and Lynwood, Washington stores in April.
This is Lowe’s second app based on Tango. Lowe’s first Tango app, Lowe’s Vision, uses spatial perception to help customers embark on a home improvement project. The technology enables the user to measure spaces and visualize how products like appliances and home décor will look in their home.

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The garment goes from design to shelf in four hours thanks to interactive technology and custom-made robots.

Adidas In-Store Machine Knits A Custom Sweater

Making clothes that people want to buy and cutting the time it takes for new designs to hit the stores are the two major challenges for any fast fashion manufacturer.

With its new pop-up, adidas might have just solve them both. Opened in Berlin, the ‘Knit for Youconcept store lets shoppers design a sweater and get it knitted by the state-of-the-art machines within four hours, not only reducing the trend-guessing from the design process, but also substantially cutting the typical manufacturing time of 12 to 18 months.

The tech-infused shopping experience is innovative in its own right and brings to mind an interactive video game. First shoppers enter a darkened room where different designs are projected onto them with an option to switch between pattern using hand gestures. After choosing the final version, customers move to a computer where they pick the color combination. To ensure the perfect fit, the shoppers can get a laser body scan. The custom-designed merino wool sweater cost 200 euros.

Adidas has been exploring localized production and customization in efforts to sell more products at full price and to bring its operating profit margins closet to its biggest rival, Nike, by 2020. Supported by the German government, the Knit for You pop-up will be used by adidas to evaluate the profitability of the concept, before potentially introducing it in other locations.

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At a time when a majority of physical retailers is struggling to achieve both growth and profitability, the fast make-up market segment still proves to be extraordinarily buoyant. KiKo is leading the competition with hundreds of stores everywhere in Europe but a few other brands are trying to take advantage of the market condition.

Models Own opened its first flagship store1

In France, L’Oréal Group has recently launched new physical retail networks for 3 of its brands dedicated to the younger audience : Nyx, Maybelline and L’Oréal Paris. Elsewhere in Southern Europe, 3ina (pronounce Mina) is also starting to open new stores to showcase its large fast changing nail polish product range.

Today, let’s have a look at Models Own, a €10 m brand which is mainly distributed in the UK in drugstores and through its e-shop. Models Own has also been successful (and very much noticed) over the last years with retail kiosks in the shape of a nail varnish bottle installed in major shopping centres.

Models Own has recently taken a step forward with its first stand-alone store, called Boxshop at Westfield Stratford City. A second one will follow in Trinty Leeds. We can easily figure out the connection between this Boxshop and the former Bottle Shops. They share the same inspiring and bold DNA with which the brand differentiates from more conservative competitors.

Unlike most of the brands on this market, Models Own has designed a colourful and girly atmosphere where “make-up junkies”, as the brand calls its core fans, can fully enjoy the brand experience while accessing 650 different items, some of them being exclusively sold here. The 80 sq m  store looks more like a playground where some make-up experts are also available to provide advice and information.

The centre of the store features an open pink box, housing promotions and a play table, which promotes experimentation. Some iPads have been displayed for tutorials, advice and inspiration.

Models Owns new stand-alone stores are both experiential and designed to foster impulse buying. Exactly what the young adults are looking for when it comes to physical retail. We will see in the next future if the brand is expanding its network throughout the country before entering Continental Europe.

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KFC Canada wants to keep busting myths about its food with a new online campaign.

KFC keeps schooling consumers

Following the QSR’s recent Cooking School experiential activation and more emotional advertising play, KFC has launched digital content to continue to support its storytelling around its food origins and quality. The brand’s push to focus more on its “food story” began last year with “C is for Chicken,” aimed at bringing attention to the farms where KFC sources its chicken and taking down common misconceptions about its food (like that its menu doesn’t have “real” chicken).

Like that initial launch, the newest “KFC Cook vs.” creative is designed specifically to play a role in KFC’s SEO strategy and confront actual myths people have, says Katherine Bond-Debicki, senior marketing manager, digital and e-commerce. For example, “KFC Cook vs. The Freshman” addresses the idea that its chicken is microwaved, while “KFC Cook vs. The Future” tackles the idea of its food being factory-produced.  KFC wants to be part of the conversation around its food but engage in an entertaining way with bite-sized content, Bond-Debicki says.

“It’s not enough just to be there from a Facebook perspective anymore,” she says. “We need to be building entertaining content that people want to search and want to watch.”

Complementing the videos is a new online hub featuring “The Colonel’s College for Chicken Knowledge,” a play on the real educational training that KFC once provided. Along with hosting the new videos and “C is for Chicken” content, the site also provides more information about KFC’s cooking process.

Along with featuring a real KFC cook named Naveeda in the videos, the brand has also featured some of its staff from across the country on the online hub.

Source : strategyonline.ca

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Ted Baker has introduced a series of interactive store windows at its Regent Street store in London, as part of a ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’ campaign.

Interiors Environment POP Wayfinding Products & Services VM Shopfitting Lighting

Developed by Nexus Interactive Arts, the windows encourage passers-by to immerse themselves in the world of the fictional Baker family. By placing their hands onto palm print window sensors, ‘peeping Toms’ will be photographed as they are caught in the act of peering into the Baker’s home. The image is them composited into an element of the display, which includes a TV screen, a window and a portrait on the wall. The image is also posted on Ted Baker’s website, from where customers can share it to social media.

Interiors Environment POP Wayfinding Products & Services VM Shopfitting Lighting1

The windows also use Whispering Windows technology that effectively turns the window into a speaker, letting passing pedestrians hear sound effects from the window displays.

Source : retaildesignworld.com

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As it prepares to enter “a high-growth period” for its online business, Solstice Sunglasses needed a solution that could support this endeavor and future expansion plans.

Sunglass retailer ups the ante on digital commerce
Solstice, a retailer with 105 store locations throughout the U.S,  strives to offer the same level of service to both online and in-store customers looking for luxury, designer and sport sunglasses. To achieve this goal, the company selected the ncommerce platform, an end-to-end digital commerce platform from Newgistics.
Besides delivering an innovative end-user experience, the platform is pre-integrated with leading technologies, which provides Solstice with fast implementation time and cost-effectiveness.
Based on curated partnerships and integration of leading technologies including SAP Hybris, Google Cloud Platform, CyberSource, Sailthru and Fastly, ncommerce can be implemented in nearly half the time and at 30% less than the cost of a typical e-commerce platform deployment that requires custom integrations, Newgistics said.
We need a solution that will grow and scale with our aggressive goals, without burdening us by requiring constant management and upkeep,” said Jan Michel, senior VP of Solstice Sunglasses. “With ncommerce, we get the best technology without any of the technical hassle so we can focus on growing our business.”

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Walmart has bought another online retailer. This time it’s ModCloth, a fashion brand with a quirky style aesthetic that makes the acquisition about a lot more than clothes.

Walmart acquires ModCloth and its millennial customers

ModCloth employees were told Wednesday morning they now worked for Walmart, according to Jezebel. TechCrunch estimates Walmart’s purchase price is between $50 million and $75 million. The deal is set to be finalized today and announced on Friday. ModCloth is a brand with indie cred. The company carries plus sizes and has a unique approach to fashion that mirrors its founders’ fondness for vintage goods.

The acquisition is being made through Jet.com, which Walmart bought last year for more than $3 billion. Through Jet, Walmart is making its most aggressive moves to date, buying new businesses, introducing new pricing and online features and generally stepping up its game to better compete with Amazon.

In the several months following the Jet acquisition, Walmart purchased Zappos competitor Shoebuy.com and Moosejaw, another online retailer with a reputation for being quirky with a strong following among younger customers. With each acquisition, Walmart strategically buys new customers. It’s part of the company’s overall strategy to grow digital sales and grow their customer base.

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UK fashion retailer Ted Baker has continued its tradition of creating unique and quirky ad campaigns with a new shoppable film called Keeping Up With The Bakers, based on a sitcom format and an obvious play on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Ted baker unveils shoppable film with Baker family 'sitcom'

The film follows up its first shoppable video, which debuted last year as a pastiche of Mission Impossible, renamed by Ted baker as Mission Impeccable. But the new season takes tech functionality and interactivity much further. The new cinematic sitcom for SS17 focuses on a fictional family in a picture perfect (almost Stepford Wives-like) suburb with the  seemingly-perfect family hiding  plenty of secrets. It is airing on the brand’s own website as well as on the Asos website in the UK and on Nordstrom’s site in the US.

But its presence on social media and in stores is also key. In a move on from the approach taken for Mission Impeccable, Instagram Stories becomes the “gossip channel” for the campaign. That means daily episodes running for eight days and revealing more about the various Baker family members. Shoppers can click though a selection of different TV channels in Instagram Stories to find more content and Ted Baker said it is the first brand to use the Instagram feature in this way.

The company has around half a million Instagram followers but the campaign is also being seen on the brand’s other social media channels, including YouTube and Facebook, with content unique to each.

Virtual reality is a big part of the new campaign too with the brand using 20,000 Google Cardboard VR headsets to bring a 360° film to life in its stores. This is being backed up by interactive window displays in some key locations so passers-by can create a picture of themselves that they can insert into the film and create a shareable gif. However, the VR version of the film will not be shoppable.

It was all created using a number of specialists in the tech and marketing field with Ted Baker working through digital agency Poke and using photographers Crown & Owls. The shoppable film was shaped by Happy Finish and Wirewax and the interactive window by the Interactive Arts Division of Nexus Studios.

Source : us.fashionnetwork.com

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Sport Chek stores across Canada will be home to a designated women’s only retail space by New Balance for a limited time.

New Balance opens women's only space

Baptized The New Balance Space, the apparel retail concept for women will offer customers a curated collection of women’s fitness apparel. The cross-Canada initiative launched this week and will run until May 27th, 2017.

The retail space by the Boston-based brand was designed to have a specific appeal for the metropolitan female athlete. The space is rooted in New Balance’s running heritage and features Lifestyle and Performance imagery that attempts to speak directly to that audience. The campaign materials, also available on sportchek.ca, embodies the spirit of female athletes and women with demanding lifestyles, while the campaign slogan “Balanced Body, Balanced Mind”, captures the brand’s conscious effort to help women obtain a balanced lifestyle. New Balance is anticipating to grow significantly in apparel in 2017.
“Apparel represents one of the largest opportunities in our business today,” says Gerald Woodman, General Manager, New Balance Canada, in a news statement. “With a heritage and authenticity established with footwear, our customers can now complete a head-to-toe performance, training or lifestyle ensemble that will help them pursue any activity they choose in style.”

Earlier this month, Sport Chek also opened its first women’s-only storein Calgary. Sport Chek is run by parent company FGL Sports, Canada’s largest national retailer of sporting goods.

Source : us.fashionnetwork.com